Wild Salmon Fillet

By Skipper Otto's CSF

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4.63 out of 5

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  • Become a Community Supported Fishery member
  • Get flash-frozen, sushi-grade, fair trade, Ocean Wise seafood
  • Fair Trade - fishermen are paid 30% higher than industry average
  • Know who caught your fish, where and when it was caught

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Skipper Otto's wild sockeye fillets are vacuum sealed and blast frozen, making them sushi-grade and safe to eat raw. They are professionally stored at extremely cold temperatures for optimal quality. Like all of Skipper Otto’s seafood, the sockeye fillets are Ocean Wise Recommended. These wild salmon were caught using gillnets by Shaun Strobel in Barkley Sound off the west coast of Vancouver Island, BC in the summer of 2015 during the peak of the fishing season. 

Skipper Otto's Community Supported Fishery provides consumers with premium, local, Ocean Wise seafood direct from small-scale fishermen. Become a member today and get wild, BC, Ocean Wise seafood direct from your fishermen this season! 

Wild Sockeye Salmon

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Skipper Otto's CSF Reviews (198)
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It's great to be able to support sustainable fishing and to know where your fish is coming from. I would definitely purchase this product again.


The fish and the people were awesome. It costs a bit for a membership and then you pay for your fish onto. I don't know if its worth paying for membership each year.


Unfortunately, I never actually got a chance to try the product because when I try to use it, the deal expired. Hopefully the product taste good.


Didn't like Skipper Otto's Wild Salmon Fillet at all. Prefer fresh to frozen although living in Alberta that is not always possible to get.


Giving it 3 stars as it seems unfair to give it anything else, however, I haven't tried this produt. Unfortunately, something came up and I had to head out of town so I missed the days of the pick up so I am unable to review this product. If it ever comes up again, I would be happy to review it.


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