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  • Vegan omega 3 supplement
  • Try AOR's vegan omega 3 softgels
  • Supports optimal cognitive development and boosts cognitive ability
  • Improves omega-3 deficiency commonly found in vegans and vegetarians
  • Sustainably sourced from microalgae, and molecularly distilled for purity
  • Supports energy and mood
  • Vegan formula and softgel

Description Ingredients

Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid that has an especially important role in brain health. It is not synthesized by the body and therefore must be obtained from dietary sources. These long chain polyunsaturated fats play a vital role in the cell membranes of neurons and other cells in the body, helping increase cellular communication.

AOR’s Omega 3 is sustainably sourced from the oil-rich algae Schizochytrium, making it an excellent choice for vegans. It also contains the active, converted forms of EPA and DHA for optimal efficacy. Most marine EPA and DHA do not originate with fish, but accumulate up the marine food chain from sources like microalgae, so we are just going straight to the source and leaving animals out of the equation. Non-algae based vegan omega 3 sources such as chia, or flax risk exposure to lignans and other anti-nutrients such as cyanogenic glycosides which can interfere with mineral absorption.

* Coupon gives user 20% off AOR Cogni Omega 3 (120 softgels). Limit one use per coupon. Cannot be combined with any other coupon, offer or promotion. Any orders containing misused coupons may be subject to verification and cancellation at the sole discretion of also reserves the right to disable coupons at any time. Other exclusions may apply.

Medicinal ingredients: Schizochytrium oil

Non-medicinal ingredients: Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) extract, sunflower oil, vitamin E tocopherols, ascorbyl palmitate

VSoftgel: Purified water, glycerin, tapioca starch

AOR Reviews (2,158)
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This was easy to take and did not have any side effects or negative reactions. I have not taken it long enough to make promises about its long term effectiveness but i do seem to have less joint pain than normal as we move into the cold months in Canada. I will buy again and will continue to take.


The gel capsules were bigger than what I expected and the taste wasn't great but overall it is a good product. I would recommend it to my vegan friends and I would considering buying it for my daily use.


I received these omega 3 pills. I take them in the morning and I liked them a lot. I try to take care of myself with natural products and these pills are very natural, helping my health.


I like the concept of this product, especially the fact that the capsule is vegan. The reason I am only giving it 3 stars is because I really can't say how well it actually works. The sample amount was so few that it was impossible to know if I would benefit from them.


Love the soft-gels, they were easy to swallow. It definitely helped my energy level the day I took them; I would definitely buy them in store and use them again. Plus, you can't go wrong with clean ingredients!



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