Vegan Miso Soup

By Tsubi Soup

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  • Vegan Miso Soup
  • Try Tsubi miso soup with crunchy vegetables
  • Each freeze-dried cube is packed with delicious miso with chunks of spinach, cabbage, and carrots
  • All you need is a mug and boiled water
  • A perfect guilt-free snack to enjoy at home or bring to work, without sacrificing your taste buds!
  • Contains no MSG, is low in sodium, and 35 calories per serving
  • Fully traceable ingredients
  • Made in Japan

Description Ingredients

Tsubi Soup is a freeze dried instant vegan soup cube that delivers all the delicious and nutritional benefits of authentic Japanese miso soup in a convenient single serve pack. Simply open Tsubi Soup into a mug, pour in 6oz (180ml) of hot water, stir and watch the ingredients magically blossom to life!

Miso (soy beans,rice, sea salt,koji cultures (Aspergillus oryzae), spinach, cabbage, green onions, carrot, potato starch, kelp powder, yeast extract, shiitake mushroom powder, sea salt, plant derived vitamin E/antioxidant.

Contains Soy.

Tsubi Soup Reviews (462)
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Very good flavor in a cube. Easy to make and taste like authentic miso soul. If you want something compact for lunch this is perfect for on the go when you have no time.


Great taste and flavor! the vegetables were delicious and added texture to the soup! It wasn't too watery either. Its convenient for the on the go vegan. And great to have when you need something healthy and warm. Its like a warm hug in a bowl!


I enjoyed this vegan miso soup and thought it was very tasty. I like that it’s very easy just to heat up with hot water. It makes a good snack or even a good meal with a side dish.


The soup was ok I ate it for lunch at work. It need a little more salt and pepper to taste but it wasn’t bad I will still recommend to friend to by


I wasn't a huge fan. I love miso but it didn't taste like fresh. It tasted like instant soup. However it was convenient and they sell it in stores near me.



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