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    • Value up to $9.99
  • Grain-free, gluten-free, low carb, vegan, Keto and Paleo certified
  • Made with almond flour, pumpkin seed protein, coconut flour, and psyllium seed husk.
  • Plant-based Unbuns are the perfect vehicle for delicious veggie burgers, avocado toast, or even just toasted with peanut butter and jam!
  • Look for Plant-based Unbuns in the frozen bread section.

Description Ingredients

Unbun Foods was founded from the desire to create the healthiest and tastiest grain free and gluten free bread and bakery products.  In 2017, the founder Gus Klemos was looking for an alternative to lettuce wraps, and less-than-nutritious gluten free breads.  Starting in his own kitchen, Gus developed a simple recipe using high quality, nutritious ingredients, made without compromise on taste or texture, and since then Unbun has grown into the most innovative bakery company around. All Unbun products are grain-free, gluten-free, low carb, keto, paleo, and most importantly, delicious.    

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Water, Blanched almond flour, Pumpkin seed protein, Coconut flour, Psyllium seed husk, Extra virgin olive oil, Coconut milk (coconut, water), Ground chia, Ground flax, Baking soda, Cream of tartar, Apple cider vinegar, Sea salt.

Contains: Almonds, Coconut.

People Wanting This (7,055)

Unbun Foods Reviews (63)
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Loved this Vegan Buns. I tried it toasted with peanut butter and jam and it was great. I was happy I was able to try and find a Keto, Paleo certified buns that taste great


Unbunlievable!! The buns really add a great flavor to a meal. What a great healthy alternative! Packaging is great and keeps the buns tasting fresh. I even froze some for later and after unfreezing still tasted great.


Wasn’t sure how this product would taste, but to my surprise it had a great taste. Had this on a hamburger and was very tasty. Will buy this again.


Gluten free and keto bread that’s so soft finally!!!! These are great for a once in awhile treat. Sometimes it is just nice to have a burger with a bun. It toasted up nicely and the taste and texture were great. Made with ingredients that I feel good about eating. This is my favorite keto bread so far!


Ok so off the bat, I opened these and they definitely had an odd smell to them. A grainy smell but I proceeded to toast them and I'm so glad I did because the smell went away. I made an epic plant based breakfast sandwich with these buns and I was so pleasantly surprised by its flavor. I topped my buns with avocado, cheese, and eggs. Tee only part of my meal that wasn't plant-based was the egg, which is a shoutout to those who may be wary of trying plant based items and are not willing to sacrifice the items they do eat. this is a sign that they go well with food that is not plant based as well. And they were so fluffy, which I was not expecting from gluten-free keto buns. I can't wait to try them with some plant based meat.



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