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  • Vegan Broth
  • Get a voucher for a FREE 32fl oz. carton of organic vegan broth ($5.49 value + $30 value coupon book!)
  • Choose from these delicious flavors:
    • Ramen Broth
    • Pho Broth
    • Miso Broth
    • Thai Coconut Broth
    • Veggie Broth
  • Make a traditional soup, or use as a base for your own creations!
  • Just add noodles, veggies & protein
  • Excellent source of vitamin D & iodine

Description Ingredients Recipes

These delicious broths or soup bases are made with sustainable ocean-farmed kelp. They are the perfect vegan option for all of your soup creations! Perfect for everyone: meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans. Happy slurping!

Ramen Broth: Organic kelp stock (filtered water, organic kelp), organic soy milk (filtered water, organic whole soybeans), organic bean flour, organic tamari (soybeans, salt, alcohol), organic sesame oil, natural flavors, sea salt, organic garlic puree, organic ginger juice, organic mushroom powder.

Miso Broth: Organic kelp stock (filtered water, organic kelp), organic miso (organic soybeans, organic rice, salt, yeast, koji culture), organic bean flour, natural flavor, organic mushroom powder.

Thai Coconut Broth: Organic kelp stock (filtered water, organic kelp), organic coconut milk (organic coconut milk, organic guar gum), organic bean flour, organic lime juice concentrate, organic ginger juice (organic ginger juice, citric acid), natural flavors, organic cane sugar, organic tomato paste, organic red jalapeno puree, sea salt, organic onion puree, organic coriander, organic mushroom powder.

Veggie Broth: Organic kelp stock (filtered water, organic kelp), organic vegetable stock flavor (organic vegetable stock [organic celery, organic carrot, organic onion], sea salt, organic dextrose, organic corn starch, yeast extract, organic natural flavor), organic mushroom powder.

Pho Broth: Organic kelp stock (filtered water, organic kelp), organic onion puree, natural flavor, sea salt, organic cane sugar, organic ginger juice, organic star anise, organic garlic puree, organic mushroom powder, organic coriander, organic cinnamon, organic cloves.

Traditional Ramen

Pop noodles, veggies and/or roasted pork into this delicious and savory base for Tokyo-style ramen. Happy slurping!

Shake carton well before opening. Pour into saucepan and heat over medium heat, stirring occasionally. Add your favorite noodles and enjoy!

Traditional Ramen is garnished with a variety of toppings, here are a few ideas! Seaweed Sheets, Bamboo Shoots, Boiled Egg, Roasted Pork, Sliced Scallions, Roasted Vegetables

Check out other delicious recipes here!

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This broth will help you make a quick and healthy meal for your family in minutes. It tastes fresh, is shelf stable, and is an amazing product to have on hand.


Thank you for letting us try this product before buying it. This has a great taste like no others we have tried . I would buy it again for sure.


We usually take the store brand broths. This one was really good. Its difficult t get vegan broth in Ramen, Thai coconut. So its a welcome addition. I liked it


I thought this broth was pretty good. It was nice to be able to just add my own noodles and vegetables to the soup. It made for a great dinner on a cold fall day.


This broth was delicious. It has a multidimensional flavor and so good for multiple purposes. Only downside is it is a bit salty, even for broth.



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