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  • Try a toothbrush from RADIUS
  • Your choice of 3 options in a variety of colors
  • Each comes with a replaceable head to cut down on plastic usage
  • Handles are made from renewable or upcycled materials
  • Bristles are vegetable derived, and the curved design softly cleans teeth and gums without the aggravation
  • BPA free
  • Vegan


The Big Brush: Weird, wide and wonderful. Super-charged to clean up your mouth and our world, the handle is reusable forever - made from renewable timber and designed to last. The Big Brush was engineered to protect your mouth and our environment.

The Source Toothbrush: Thanks to replacement-head technology and a handle made from repurposed materials, the Source™ reduces waste by 93%. The elegant, one-of-a-kind handle is composed of repurposed and recycled materials — like wood, paper and even recycled dollar bills — for a beautiful, natural look and feel.

The Tour Travel Toothbrush: An innovative solution to maintaining your oral care on the go, with unique hide-away functionality that allows you to remove and store the brush head. It’s truly the ultimate in-transit must-have. The Tour handle is made from 100% wood-based bio-plastic and the bristles are vegetable-derived, making them environmentally sound.

RADIUS Reviews (2,214)
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I have a 2 year old daughter. I tried this toothbrush for her. This toothbrush is really good for kids. The quality of the product is very nice. I like the idea of replaceable head.

Variety tried: Big Brush

I bought it for my daughter. She really loves it, its easy to hold and the bristles are very soft for her gum. Would recommend it my friends.

Variety tried: Big Brush

Love the Radius Toothbrush with replacement head. Never considered the added plastic of my toothbrush to the environment. The angle of the handle and brush heads make brushing the way we were taught easier and the size of the brush is perfect. Thank you for the introduction to my new toothbrush.

Variety tried: Big Brush

This product worked good for a few hard to reach places but I found it to be no better than my current toothbrush as far as overall cleaning. If the product becomes readily available in more store choices I would consider purchasing.

Variety tried: Tour Travel Toothbrush

This brush was perfect for my lil girl. She really enjoyed the softness off it and handle is perfect for her hands. I went out and bought 3 more for my kids and I.

Variety tried: Big Brush


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