Sweet Potato Toast

By Sweet PotaTOASTS

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4.36 out of 5

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  • Try Sweet PotaTOASTS
  • A single ingredient bread replacement!
  • Pre-roasted, pre-sliced, sweet potato slices
  • Two flavors to choose from: Original and Sea Salt & Olive Oil
  • Super nutritious and versatile 
  • Add any topping: avocado, PB & banana even pesto and tomato
  • Gluten-free
  • Paleo-friendly

Description Ingredients

Say hello to the world's first superfood toast: Sweet PotaTOASTS. Until now, there was only one way to whip up this nutritiously sweet meal: peeling, slicing, cooking, and finally toasting sweet potato slices, which were so delicious they were gone before you could even clean up the kitchen. The days of that messy, time-consuming process are officially ‘toast.’ They do all that work for you, simply pop these frozen, ready-to-make roasted sweet potato slices in your toaster, toaster oven, or air fryer and enjoy your superfood ‘toast’ in minutes.

This ‘toast’ is an excellent source of vitamin A & C, a good source of fiber & vitamin B6, and satisfies any gluten-free, vegan, or paleo dietary needs. Sweet PotaTOASTS are a clean label, single ingredient, bread replacement. Meet the best thing since sliced bread.

Original: Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Sea Salt and Olive Oil: Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Olive Oil, Sea Salt

Sweet PotaTOASTS Reviews (4,699)
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Absolutely delicious. I love sweet potatoes anyway, but these were awesome! Will be purchasing again in the future for sure. Told all my friends too!

Variety tried: Original

Really yummy, especially with a little guac on top. Kind of a pain to make. I would love to eat this for breakfast every day if there were a more practical way to consume it. I tried it with peanut butter and even after it cooled off some, the peanut butter melted off and made a great big mess. It says you can make them in the regular toaster, but that's only for certain sized pieces. If they're too big or too small they'll get stuck. It was good and I liked the idea of it, it just doesn't have a realistic application in my life, unless maybe made up as an appetizer at a party, which would not be a regular thing.

Variety tried: Original

I really enjoyed the taste of these sweet potatoes slices. They are great for savory and sweet meal options. They taste much better heated up in the oven as opposed to the toaster. I will definitely try again in the future.

Variety tried: Original

I really enjoyed the taste and versatility of this product. It actually does taste like sweet potatoes and that's what I really wanted. So the sweetness goes well with anything you top with it. I made a simple pizza bread using pesto spread and Monterey jack and it was amazing.

Variety tried: Original

Wow was impressed with the flavor and goodness in each bag. Sweet Potato Toast Sea Salt & Olive Oil was my favorite flavor. We also tried Veggie cauliflower pizza and it was ok was paper thin but the ingredients was great.

Variety tried: Sea Salt and Olive Oil


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