Superfood Shakers

By Ra Energy

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  • Superfood shakers 
  • Choose from 3 flavours: Plain, Sweetened or Garlic
  • Contains hemp hearts, unhulled sesame seeds, buckwheat, flax and chia
  • Packed with Omega 3 & 6
  • High in iron, calcium and fibre

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These Superfood Shakers are quite possibly the easiest way to feel good! Ra Energy shakers can be added to everything you eat to experience more energy, better sleep and fewer food cravings. Simply pop the top and shake! It's healthy eating, made easy! We love the using the Sweetened flavour on our morning fruit and yogurt, while the Garlic flavour is great on pasta and salads. What will you shake it on?

Try one of these 3 flavours:

Plain: mild and nutty flavour

Sweetened: with real fruit powder

Garlic: a big aroma and mild flavour

certified organic hemp hearts, unhulled sesame seeds, buckwheat, flax and chia

Ra Energy Reviews (168)
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I added it to my green smoothie today - gives it a nice crunch! Love the added health benefits of the hemp seeds and chia too!


Great idea! Adding this flavourful nutrient boost to your meals is most decidedly a good thing. I also love that there is zero artificial flavours or weird sweeteners. The sweet flavoured one is sweetened simply with monk fruit powder. Very convenient combination for nutrition on the go. Great product! Minus one star for packaging (plastic). Biodegradable packaging would make his a perfect product.


I love the crunch of the toasted buckwheat! I tried the plain and garlic one with a rice dish and the garlic one was very complementary to the dish! I think those two will also be great in soups and sour cream or yogurt. The garlic flavour was quite mild but it was there. I also tried the sweet one with soygurt and it went well. It's mildly sweet but again, I like crunchy things so it was really quite yummy. I think that one can also just eat it like that or use it in smoothies though I would put some on top only if I was eating it immediately otherwise it will lose its crunch. The plain one is versatile - you can use it both in savoury and sweet dishes.


Very convenient to add to smoothy in morning and didn't interfere with taste.


In brief... So very happy we found each other = for the past 10 days... I have been using all 3 packs ~ on various dishes from Oatmeal ~ Soups ~ Shakes + Yogurt... I will continue to seak out our local Urban Fare here in Coal Harbour to stock up... Especially like the NO SALT NO SUGAR Contents!!! So nutritious!!!! ((Perfect for traveling)) With my thanks and. Kind regards, Brenda :^))



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