Superfood Infused Chocolate

By WiseOne Superfoods

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  • Superfood infused chocolate
  • Choice of flavour: Mycelium Magik (mint), Time Traveler (sweet chai), Fire Dragon (ginseng spice), Amazonia Love (tropical orange) or Magnetic Warrior (electric licorice)
  • Made with wild, heirloom Criollo Ecuador cacao
  • Immune-supporting
  • Contains a variety of superfoods

Description Ingredients

Could it be... a delectable, luxurious chocolate that's also chock full of healthy ingredients? That's chocolate from WiseOne Superfoods! Chocolate that's designed to elevate your senses and uplift your spirit by combining the exotic flavour of Ecuadorian cacao that's Fair Trade sourced  and with a variety of immune-supporting and nutrient-dense superfoods. Take a bite of this magic chocolate.

Try one of these 5 flavours:

Mycelium Magik (mint): with 3 of the world's top medicinal mushrooms, you'll get optimal immune system support finished off with the smooth and refreshing taste of mint.

Time Traveler (sweet chai): the sweet warmth of vanilla and chai, this chocolate also contains a superfood algae, fungi and berry to provide supercharged immune system benefits

Fire Dragon (ginseng spice): let your inner fire dragon breathe with a spicy kick of flavour and chinese tonic herbs for increased energy and performance

Amazonia Love (tropical orange): an explosive blend of rainforest fuel, this chocolate is a first class ticket to tropical bliss. Contains 1000mg each of maca and macuna which have been known to increase libido.

Magnetic Warrior (electric licorice): an electrifying blend of of purblack and schizandra, which can help in liver detoxification rounded off with notes of black licorice.

Mycelium Magik (mint): Raw Arriba Nacional Cacao Paste*, Raw Arriba Nacional Cacao Butter*, Raw Unrefined Cane Juice Crystals*, Reishi Steam Extract Powder*, Chaga Steam Extract Powder*, Cordyceps Steam Extract Powder*, Raw Noni Fruit*, Raw Vanilla Bean*, Essential Oil of Peppermint, Black Lava Salt.

Time Traveler (sweet chai): Raw Arriba Nacional Cacao Paste*, Raw Arriba Nacional Cacao Butter*, Raw Unrefined Cane Juice Crystals, Chaga Steam Extract Powder (wild harvested) Raw Camu Camu*, E3 Live BrainOn* (AFA Extract of Phenylethylamine and Phycocyanin), Raw Vanilla Bean*, Cinnamon*, Ginger*, Nutmeg*, Allspice*, Black Lava Salt, Spices*.

Fire Dragon (ginseng spice): Raw Arriba Nacional Cacao Paste*, Raw Arriba Nacional Cacao Butter*, Raw Unrefined Cane Juice crystals*, Siberian Ginseng*, Rhodiola*, He Shou Wu*, Raw Vanilla Bean*, Guarana (wild harvested), Cayenne*, Ginger*, Black Lava Salt.

Amazonia Love (tropical orange): Raw Arriba Nacional Cacao Paste*, Raw Arriba Nacional Cacao Butter*, Raw Unrefined Cane Juice Crystals, Raw Mucuna*, Raw Maca*, Raw Vanilla powder, Essential Oil of Orange, Raw Acai Berry*, Raw Acerola Cherry*, Raw Maqui Berry*, Black Lava Salt.

Magnetic Warrior (electric licorice): Raw Arriba Nacional Cacao Paste*, Raw Arriba Nacional Cacao Butter*, Raw Unrefined Cane Juice Crystals, Schizandra*, P√úRBLACK SHILAJIT RESIN (Wild Harvested), Raw Vanilla Bean*, Star Anise*, Black Lava Salt.

*Certified Organic

WiseOne Superfoods Reviews (79)
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This is a very smooth and delicate chocolate. For a vegan food, the taste was very real with a hint of mint and not a strong aftertaste. Packaging is amazing! I would buy this if I saw it retail!


I really enjoyed the Wiseone Superfood Infused Chocolate. The one I had a touch of mint flavour...which I loved. I appreciated that the chocolate wasn't very sweet and I loved the dark chocolate and was impressed that it was raw superfood chocolate. It wasn't bitter at all. It was also easy and enjoyable to eat in one sitting. I had it with tea and was in heaven! I was also really impressed that the company supports communities that practices sustainable, mineral rich farming above and beyond Fair Trade standards. Wow! The packaging was beautiful and very informative. Would love to know if they sell this raw chocolate at Whole Foods in Vancouver. Thank you so much for the free sample! It was such a treat and much appreciated! With grateful thanks, Janey Lee :)


Thank you for this opportunity, the chocolate was delicious and I will definitely buy for myself and others. Love the name and the taste!


I had the pleasure of trying the mint chocolate. The mint was prominent and helped to hide some of the bitterness of raw dark chocolate. The very subtle sweetness kept dark flavor intact. If you love dark chocolate and mint, I would definitely recommend this chocolate, that is healthy for you


Very tasty. I was satisfied after 1/2 the bar. Had a bit of grit probably from the fibre but it was fine. The mint was just right. Slightly cool in your mouth. Mmmm. The packaging was pretty. Although I did want more info on the ingredients. I didn't get the descriptions they had. I like facts though so I only read a few and the didn't bother.



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