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  • Try Stress Supplements by Flora 
  • Helps to temporarily relieve the symptoms of stress
  • Supports cognitive health, mental focus and working memory
  • Helps relieve mental fatigue and the sensation of weakness
  • Assists in maintaining a healthy immune system
  • Aids digestion in cases of stress
  • Recyclable amber glass bottle

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We’ve all experienced stressful days, so it’s good to know there’s some help in the form of Stress Supplements from Flora! Flora’s 4-Stress helps to temporarily relieve associated symptoms including indigestion. It also supports cognitive health, mental focus and working memory.

4-Stress contains a calming blend of four adaptogenic herbs that help you manage stress in a healthy way. Adaptogenic herbs help your body 'adapt' and reduce both mental and physical stress. These four herbs that support your body’s ability to manage stress are: American Ginseng, Rhodiola, Ashwagandha, and Schisandra Berry Extract.

Directions: Take 1 capsule 3 times daily.

American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) root extract (4:1) 100 mg, Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea) root extract (17.5:1) 100 mg, Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) root extract (7.5:1) 100 mg, Schisandra (Schisandra chinensis) berry extract (4:1) 50 mg.

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Flora Manufacturing & Distributing Ltd. Reviews (854)
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I got this sample, hoping my husband would try it. It seemed like a good thing, as he has a lot of stress in his workplace. But when he read the ingredient list, he noticed that ginseng was one of the ingredients. As he also has high blood pressure, he didn't think he should use this product, as ginseng may raise blood pressure. So unfortunately this product didn't get used.


I loved it! It was really good! The changes took a while to kick in but my stress levels were down, I was calmer than usual. The capsules were easy to swallow. They didn't taste bad or anything. I would recommend this to a friend.


It made me feel an overall sense of wellness. It helped take stress levels down. I would definitely recommend it to people who stress a lot.


I really did enjoy using the 4stress capsules. I can testify that I feel much more relieved and at ease after using this product-even after a short amount of time! It is incredible how far technology has come in aiding those who need the help the most. The capsules boast of nutrients and wholesome ingredients-making it a must-try for anyone interested in de-stressing naturally.


I took this as a way to ease my stress and digestion. However, I don't feel it did anything. I remained fatigues, anxious and no more alert than had I not taken the pill. I wouldn't purchase this again nor recommend it, but perhaps it just doesn't affect my body's specific chemistry.


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