Seaweed Infused Pasta

By Blue Evolution

Rating (545 Reviews)

4.32 out of 5

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  • Seaweed infused pasta
  • Try a box of premium pasta
    • Value $5.99
  • Traditional wheat pasta infused with sustainable North American seaweed
  • Your choice of two delicious varieties:
    • Penne
    • Rotini
  • Good source of plant-based bioavailable iron
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan

Description Ingredients

Blue Evolution is a small band of seaweed geeks, foodies, parents, scientists, and ocean-loving explorers who are on a mission to connect consumers like you to the oceans through one extraordinary plant: seaweed. Beyond sustainable, seaweed regenerates the waters in which it grows, absorbing carbon from the ocean and alchemizing seawater and sunshine into healthy food. With a fast-growing array of seaweed infused consumer packaged goods, on and off-shore farms in Mexico and Alaska, and unique processing capabilities, Blue Evolution is introducing consumers to all the delicious ways that seaweed can enrich their lives.

Durum Wheat Semolina, Seaweed

Blue Evolution Reviews (545)
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I enjoyed trying the Seaweed Infused Pasta but am not sure I would purchase it over my regular brand just because of the price and how difficult it is to find, I thought it was a pretty green color, that looked nice in my tomato sauce. It had an unusual taste but nothing gross. It was definitely worth trying!


We did not enjoy these noodles. The texture was off and they had a strange aftertaste. Interesting concept but not something we will be regularly using.


I did not really like the taste of it. I like seaweed in general, and I've enjoyed eating dry seaweed, and seaweed in soup, but I don't like the combination of having the seaweed in the pasta. I tried this pasta with marinara sauce and meatballs, so it helped to cover some of the flavor from the seaweed pasta. I would stick with wheat pasta, and skip eating seaweed pasta.


hard to find. I am a huge fan of pasa having some italien background and those were not my favorite it changed from usuall so i am glade I tried it but not sure i will buy again


I never went and got it. My coupon expired and I really wanted to get it. Maybe next time when it xines around I can get it. The packaging is cute.



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