Seaweed Infused Pasta

By Blue Evolution

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4.42 out of 5

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  • Seaweed infused pasta
  • Get a voucher for a FREE box of premium pasta
    • Value $5.99
  • Traditional wheat pasta infused with sustainable North American seaweed
  • Your choice of two delicious varieties:
    • Penne
    • Rotini
  • Good source of plant-based bioavailable iron
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan

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Blue Evolution is a small band of seaweed geeks, foodies, parents, scientists, and ocean-loving explorers who are on a mission to connect consumers like you to the oceans through one extraordinary plant: seaweed. Beyond sustainable, seaweed regenerates the waters in which it grows, absorbing carbon from the ocean and alchemizing seawater and sunshine into healthy food. With a fast-growing array of seaweed infused consumer packaged goods, on and off-shore farms in Mexico and Alaska, and unique processing capabilities, Blue Evolution is introducing consumers to all the delicious ways that seaweed can enrich their lives.

Durum Wheat Semolina, Seaweed

Blue Evolution Reviews (434)
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I was surprised at the taste of this pasta. I could taste the seaweed, but it wasn't overpowering. It tastes really good. It seems like it would blend well with most pasta dishes and I like the added health benefits that it has. You have to cook it a long time if you like your pasta on the softer side.


Really tasty. It tastes very natural and clean. There is no artificial taste and doesn't make you feel heavy like you normally would feel after eating regular pasta.


I got the Rotini pasta, and really enjoyed it! I just used it with some pasta sauce, since it made a really quick meal! It doesn't taste too different from the wheat pasta I usually get!


We used the pasta to make mac and cheese. The kids loved it and ate it like it was like any other pasta. The adults couldn't get over the smell of the seaweed. So I would get it for the kids and make pasta for them out of it but not for the whole family.


This pasta wasn't to bad, the flavor wasn't to strong. They pasta was a little dense or heavy I would say. I don't know if I would try this exact one again, but if they make others I would try them.



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