Pure Oats Granola

By Nature's Path

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  • Pure Oats Granola
  • Choice of flavour: Summer Berry, Fruit & Nut or Honey Almond
  • Packed in a convenient and resealable zip-top pouch
  • High in fibre
  • Free of all synthetic preservatives and additives

Description Ingredients

When reaching for your next bowl of granola, break out of the ordinary and pour something special. Nature's Path Pure Oats Granola is the healthy start you need for your day. Made from pure, non-contaiminated oats that are organic, you can feel good about breakfast again.

Try one of these 3 flavours:

Summer Berries: made with delicious ingredients like ripe organic strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and creamy Greek yogurt chunks mixed with pure oats to make for a totally tasty mouthful - vegetarian

Fruit & Nut: energize your tastebuds with organic Thompson seedless raisins, premium roasted California almonds, tart dried cranberries, coconut, cinnamon and pumpkin seeds mixed with pure oats - vegan

Honey Almond: get a flavour that's buzzingwith organic clover honey, premium crunchy California almonds and chia seeds mixed with pure oats - vegetarian

Summer Berry: Rolled oats*, granulated sugar cane juice*, sunflower oil*, yogurt chunks* (sugar*, palm kernel oil*, non-fat milk powder*, lactic acid, soy lecithin*, salt, vanilla*), rice starch*, freeze-dried blueberries*, freeze-dried berry blend* (freeze-dried strawberries*, freeze-dried raspberries*), sea salt, natural flavour, tocopherols (added to enhance freshness). *Organic. Contains soy and dairy. May contain tree nuts or peanuts.

Fruit & Nut: Rolled oats*, granulated sugar cane juice*, sunflower oil*, roasted almonds*, dried cranberries* (cranberries*, granulated sugar cane juice*, sunflower oil*), raisins* (coated with sunflower oil*), dried coconut*, pumpkin seeds*, flax seeds*, rice starch*, cinnamon*, tocopherols (added to preserve freshness). *Organic. Contains tree nuts. May contain soy, dairy or peanuts.

Honey Almond: Rolled oats*, granulated sugar cane juice*, sunflower oil*, roasted almonds*, clover honey*, flavour*, rice starch*, sea salt, chia seeds*, tocopherols (added to preserve freshness). *Organic. Contains tree nuts. May contain soy, dairy or peanuts.

*Certfified Organic

Allergen Statement:
May contain soy, dairy, tree nuts or peanuts.

Nature's Path Reviews (44)
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Pretty good Granola! Good crunch! Very yummy with breakfast.


Been a fan of Love Crunch for the longest time and this is just as delicious. The two products are almost a Yin and Yang kind of thing and I'm having trouble deciding which one I actually prefer.


Had Nature's Path Pure Oats this morning for breakfast with a bit of skim milk and it was delicious! As an active person with a sweet tooth, I loved the Summer Berries Granola because it had great flavour and is heathy - great way to start the day!


This granola is amazeballs!!!! So yummy and perfect for breakfast with milk and fruit and coffee on the side! Healthier and crunchier than what I was eating before, I am totally switching brands now, thanks guys!


My daughter has many allergies, I was happy when I saw this was pure oats.. but then, dairy! Hard to tell from the front of the package that there is dairy in this but that meant I can't give it to my daughter. I really liked it but wouldn't buy it as I try to ensure we all eat the same things so she isn't left out.



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