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  • Premium quality edible oils
  • Available in 2 options: Energy and Balance
  • 250 ml bottle
  • Great source of Omega 3 polyunsaturated fats
  • Optimized for keytones
  • Great for energy in a low carb lifestyle
  • Made with virgin fair trade and organic coconut oil
  • Vegan
  • Gluten free

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Get the healthy fats your body needs, without eating stinky fish! Alpha's Premium Quality Edible Oils are vegan formulated for a corrective Omega 3 balance, suitable for everyday use as a sole source fat. Containing organic oils like coconut, chia and flax, both the Balance and Energy formulas contain a natural blend of antioxidants which protect the Omega 3 oils and prevent peroxidation. Use Balance Oil in place of your regular cooking or baking oils for a healthier option! Use Energy Oil as a great boost before your workout routine.

For best results, add to food after the cooking process. They do not require refrigeration, but if refrigerated, just bring the oil to room temperature before using. Try this optimal, all natural fuel for a great source of quick energy!

Energy Oil:
- A great way to start your day, or for a boost before a workout as an alternative to carbs
- Wonderful, slight raspberry flavour
- Contains Pure 60/40 MCT Oil and Omega 3 polyunsaturated fats
- Optimized for ketones
- Shelf stable for up to 14 months

Balance Oil:
- Used for everyday cooking and baking
- Pleasant, light, slightly nutty flavour
- 2:1 Omega 3:Omega 6 ratio
- Suitable as part of a ketogenic meal plan
- Shelf stable for up to 18 months

*Use within 2 months of opening

- Pure MCT Oil
- Organic fair trade DME™ Virgin Coconut Oil
- Organic cold pressed Camelina Oil
- Organic Cold Pressed Chia Oil
- Certified Sustainable Palm Fruit Oil
- Organic Cold Pressed Flax Oil
- Organic Raspberry Flavour oil


- Organic cold pressed Camelina Oil
- Organic fair trade DME™ Virgin Coconut Oil
- Certified Sustainable Palm Fruit Oil
- Organic Cold Pressed Flax Oil
- Organic Cold Pressed Chia Oil

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Energy Premium Edible Oil:

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Alpha Health Reviews (187)
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I tried the premium edible oils and i didn't really think there was anything special about it, just seems similar to the other edible oils that are avaiable. i probably would not recommend to a friend or family member.


It's great to add in your smoothies! I did not quite get the boost of energy I was looking for. But it did help a bit. Might try it again. I would recommend to friends.


For me, i did not like the product. There was something in the flavour and aroma and I did not enjoy the aftertaste left in my mouth. The oil container was frozen solid when I received it in the mail in December and it might of altered the taste.


I enjoyed this product even though it turned out to not be a product for me.I have Crohn's disease and colitis and was hoping for a natural energy boost.Unfortunately the oil did give me some intestinal upset.The flavour was lovely and I detected a raspberry flavour,which was yummy,I'd have to get a little more creative in cooking uses as it is not to be used for frying or any high heat application.I think this would be great in a homemade vinagrette for salads and veggies.


I loved this oil. Great subtle taste and really nice when cooked vegetables in the oven. I just mixed veggies with oil and spices, put into oven for 1 hr, and they are ready. Oil made them look golden, cooked really nice, and great taste.



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