Popcorn Kernels

By Women's Bean Project

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4.91 out of 5

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  • Specialty Popcorn Kernels with gourmet seasoning
  • Try Rainbow Popcorn with Pink Himalayan Salt & Black Pepper seasoning
  • Makes over 20 cups of popcorn
  • Unique blend of popcorn kernels: white, yellow, blue and red
  • Each popcorn color has its own flavor and texture
  • Great healthy snack for kids!
  • 100% of proceeds provide impoverished women employment skills
  • Made in USA

Qualities Description

These specialty-sourced Amish popcorn kernels deliver a delectable flavor and are perfectly paired with seasonings. Simply heat the recommended specialty oil on the stove or air popper, and add the recommended popcorn kernels. Pop to perfection and finish with a dusting of our custom seasoning blend for an extraordinary snacking experience.

Women's Bean Project Reviews (11)
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I LOVE THESE KERNALS. I LOVE THE CONTAINER TOO.this popcorn was so easy to use.i love the taste of this popcorn too.i wish it was carried in more stores.


The Women's Bean Project Rainbow Popcorn was delicious! Not only was it delicious,but the colors gave life to your typical beige boring popcorn.The mission is to help hire chronically unemployed women and give them jobs. It is a win-win!


I love these... they taste good and look good my kids enjoyed all the bowl. 100% natural and delicious.I highly recommend these great buy and is also for a good cause.


Love that this product is so colorful, makes for a nice display on counter top. Looking forward to tasting the different flavors and textures.


You can't go wrong with this popcorn! It is tasty and oh so fresh. I really enjoyed the sea salt and pepper packet to mix in with my popcorn as well After my large bowl, I will still be able to make several more bowls of popcorn which makes this an excellent buy. I also love that this is popcorn with a cause- I think it is important to support companies that give to others and give back to our communities.


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