Popcorn Kernels

By Women's Bean Project

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4.72 out of 5

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  • Specialty Popcorn Kernels with gourmet seasoning
  • Try Rainbow Popcorn with Pink Himalayan Salt & Black Pepper seasoning
  • Makes over 20 cups of popcorn
  • Unique blend of popcorn kernels: white, yellow, blue and red
  • Each popcorn color has its own flavor and texture
  • Great healthy snack for kids!
  • 100% of proceeds provide impoverished women employment skills
  • Made in USA

Qualities Description

These specialty-sourced Amish popcorn kernels deliver a delectable flavor and are perfectly paired with seasonings. Simply heat the recommended specialty oil on the stove or air popper, and add the recommended popcorn kernels. Pop to perfection and finish with a dusting of our custom seasoning blend for an extraordinary snacking experience.

Women's Bean Project Reviews (385)
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This was much tastier and easier to make than expected! It’s a great alternative to the mainstream brands, though I don’t think they stand comparison. Will happily buy again and recommend!


This popcorn was so delicious and fun! The popped corn tasted light and flavourful and I didn't even need to add any flavouring. I would definitely buy this again!


I love what Women Bean Project is all about..improving and empowering women!! That's what makes your company so unique just like the popcorn itself! Flavor was wonderful, we even added a little Sriracha Pepper. Gave a little more pop! All the kids and adults loved it on movie night. Thank you Social Nature and Women Bean Project for a great sample!


I eat popcorn a lot and my method of cooking it is on the stove top. I was excited to try this popcorn as I've never tried a blend before and the company has great values. The packaging is great and the seasoning provided goes perfect with the kernels. I did find that because there were different kinds of kernels, that each variety cooked at a different time. Some got a little burnt waiting for the others to pop, and some didn't pop at all. If you have an air popper this shouldn't be an issue though. I really enjoyed the flavors of the different varieties.


Delicious specialty popcorn kernels. This popcorn comes in a unique variety of colors and it taste great! #womansbeanproject #sponsored


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