Popcorn Kernels

By Women's Bean Project

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  • Specialty Popcorn Kernels with gourmet seasoning
  • Try Rainbow Popcorn with Pink Himalayan Salt & Black Pepper seasoning
  • Makes over 20 cups of popcorn
  • Unique blend of popcorn kernels: white, yellow, blue and red
  • Each popcorn color has its own flavor and texture
  • Great healthy snack for kids!
  • 100% of proceeds provide impoverished women employment skills
  • Made in USA


These specialty-sourced Amish popcorn kernels deliver a delectable flavor and are perfectly paired with seasonings. Simply heat the recommended specialty oil on the stove or air popper, and add the recommended popcorn kernels. Pop to perfection and finish with a dusting of our custom seasoning blend for an extraordinary snacking experience.

Women's Bean Project Reviews (455)
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This popcorn was so good. I was impressed at the different flavors and textures of each different color. I added butter to a few batches and the flavor was intensified. Will definitely purchase over and over.


Very fun to pop. Love the variety of colors of kernels and classy packaging. Pops like traditional popcorn, but tastes great. Love that proceeds are donated to a good cause. Would also give this as a gift because it's packaged so nicely.


I really like this lovely popcorn :) It popped well. Nice and tasty. Pretty and colorful kernels. Not many unpopped kernels at the bottom of the bowl. Five stars! :)


Love the flavor and especially paired with coconut oil for popping. The kernels get a sweet note but remain simple in flavor, plus coconut oil has a high heat point.


First of all I'd like to note that this company has a strong mission in which I can get behind. They employ chronically unemployed women with the idea that engaging in meaningful work will create a path that will guide these woman towards self-sufficiency by developing a sense of self- worth and purpose. Amazing! I was provided a free sample of the Rainbow Popcorn with Pink Himalayan Salt & Black Pepper Seasoning to taste test. Not only were the kernels fun and colorful but once popped they were also very tasty! The flavoring was not the only thing that made this popcorn savory. The blend of each individual colorful kernel provided unique texture and taste which added to the over all experience. I took note that there were not many kernels left in the bowl unpopped which is a plus. I love popcorn and eat it often and must say I loved eating a popcorn that was already seasoned and ready to go. I would definitely recommend this to folks who don't mind an already seasoned blend. And finally, all the proceeds go towards the funding of impoverished women gaining skills for employment. Win WIn. Gourmet popcorn made in the USA never came cheaper, at $6.55 a pop for 20 cups of yum! I will most certainly be giving the other flavors a try. #trynatural #gotitfree



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