Plant Protein

By Terra Origin

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  • Try Vanilla Chai Plant Protein
  • Delivers 18g of protein in each serving
  • For healthy energy levels and proper muscle recovery
  • Smooth, non-gritty texture
  • Made with a blend of plant proteins:
    • organic brown rice protein
    • organic hemp seed protein
    • organic pumpkin seed proteins
    • pea protein isolate
  • Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten Free & 100% Plant Based

Description Ingredients

This Plant Protein is part of Terra Origin's thoughtful, scientifically supported line of nutraceutical supplements and powders. These items were created to connect the gap between modern day research-backed ingredients and time-tested, natural traditions through the use of innovative in-house scientists and Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda tradition, eating is one of the most essential bodily functions. If we were to consume foods that are enriched with flavor and nutrients, we are giving ourselves the best nourishing experience our bodies need.

Flax Seed Powder, Chia Seed Powder, Stevia Leaf Extract, Pea Protein Isolate, Natural Flavors, Organic Brown Rice Protein, Organic Evaporated Cane Sugar Powder, Organic Hemp Seed Protein Concentrate, Organic Pumpkin Seed Protein, Sodium Chloride, Bamboo Stem or Shoot Extract.

Terra Origin Reviews (882)
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Loved the taste and so easy to use!! Plus the benefits are amazing. I would definitely recommend this to friends and family! I look forward to continuing to use this as well as trying other flavors.


I loved it! Vegan and tasted good! It’s great for meal replacement and a lot of protein. At great for everyone busy people on the go for a great healthy breakfast or a light dinner before bed. Highly recommend.


Great taste and it was awesome to have such a Hugh amount of protein. I made a shake in the morning and it definitely curbed my hunger! I drink Chai hot, but this was delicious also! #trynatural#gotitfree


The Terra Origin Vanilla Chai plant Protein that I received from Social Nature was very good. I was a little hesitant, not a big Chai fan. The vanilla chai by Terra Origins wasn't that strong at all. Very tasty in my smoothie. #trynatural #GotItFree


It didnt taste very good at all and even tried it in a smoothie and i wish it had a stronger vanilla taste to it and then I think that it would be better especially in smoothies



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