Plant-Based Meal Solutions

By Loma Linda

Rating (2,288 Reviews)

4.16 out of 5

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  • Get a plant-based meal solution from Loma Linda
  • Choose from 12 varieties including:
    • Chipotle Bowl
    • Tikka Masala
    • Thai Red Curry
    • Pad Thai
    • Taco Filling
  • Microwavable pouch-heat & eat in 60 seconds
  • Made with non-GMO soy
  • No cholesterol, trans fat, or preservatives

Description Ingredients

Loma Linda® sustainable meal solutions are packed with delicious savory plant-based protein you’ll be sure to love and enjoy. Eating healthier has never been easier, or tastier with these bold and inspired microwavable meals that are heat-and-eat ready in 60 seconds.

Loma Linda Reviews (2,288)
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Extremely tasty, has a nice kick, no fat nd relatively low cal with plenty of meaty chunks. The only thing I'll say is that for how low cal it is the serving could be a little bigger. But other than that it's perfect!!

Variety tried: Chipotle Bowl

I have found this product very hard to find and was surprised when it was at my local Costco. I bought a package of 6 packages and in less than 2 weeks we have only 2 packages left. It contains a little more "soup" than I thought, but one can just drain a little of the soup off before serving.

Variety tried: Chipotle Bowl

I thought that this product was great as an on-the-go meal for days when one has little time. I would buy again to keep ready as a back-up on days when I do not have a lot of time to cook.

Variety tried: Chipotle Bowl

I tried the chipotle bowl and it was too spicy. I took a few bites and I could not eat anymore. Also, there is too much flavor in this dish. There was black beans, corn, and rice, and I like these ingredients, but the sauce overpowered everything and it felt like they put too much of that sauce in it. Less sauce and less spiciness would make this dish more enjoyable.

Variety tried: Chipotle Bowl

This was delicious. I was surprised how spicy / hot it was. Fortunately, I like heat - but I would indicate that somewhere on the packaging.

Variety tried: Chipotle Bowl


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