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  • Personalized Vitamins 
  • Take the FREE personalized assessment and get 50% off your first order
    • Average $72-$100 per order
  • 3-5 minute interactive questionnaire about your health and lifestyle 
  • Nutrition assessment backed by leading Experts
  • Vitamins created just for you!
  • All supplements meet FDA guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Pharmaceutical Grade, Quality Tested, 100% Guarantee
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Option for vegetarian or vegan capsules 


The Future of Personalized Nutrition is here! Persona is a one-stop shop for all of your personalized high-quality supplement needs. By taking their 3-5 minute unique questionnaire, they eliminate the guesswork of which vitamins are right for you. Sage, the nutritional algorithm Intelligence, uses the knowledge of science and your unique answers to provide you a customized vitamin supplement recommendation. They ask about your diet, food allergies, exercise habits, health conditions and even your medications. Did you know some medicines should not be taken with some vitamins? And some medications can deplete your body of need nutrients? Persona makes sure your body gets what it really needs.

Your 28-days supply of vitamins arrives in daily dose packets with designated times of day to take them as well as a complete set of information sheets for each vitamin. No more confusion or an overwhelming trip to the supplement aisle.

They offer supplements that benefit people who:

  • Are following a specialized diet or with food allergies (including vegan or vegetarian, and gluten-free)
  • Need more energy or are not sleeping well
  • Are taking medications that may deplete or inhibit the absorption of certain nutrients

Persona also donates 1% of the total proceeds to Vitamin Angels.

Persona Reviews (208)
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I'm horrible at remembering to take my vitamins but using prepackaged daily vitamins makes it so easy. I feel amazing and never forget any of my daily doses. All of the vitamins are in small plastic packs labelled day or night so I never mixed them up. Also I like being able to take them in my purse with me for when I'm on the go.


I like that I can can personalize my vitamins. And I can get free shipping ..I can take a personalized nutrition assistant.. I would buy this product again.


This was a great company with excellent products I was very pleased with my vitamins they sent me and they all come in a clear pack bag labeled with the names so it made it very easy and convenient for my busy life!


Overall, I would say these vitamins were just ok. The fish oil did not sit well with my stomach and I was literally burping up fish all day long. Not the best thing to burp up when your pregnant and nauseous. Another thing was how many pills you had to take in a day. A little too much when you already have kids and a lot on your plate.


I was very happy with my Personalized Vitamins from Vitamin Packs. It was extremely convenient having my vitamins delivered to me and not having to run to the store to get them all.



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