Organic Whole Bean Coffee

By Western Family

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4.55 out of 5

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  • Organic whole bean coffee
  • Try Western Family Organic Whole Bean Coffee 
  • Choose from varieties including:
    • Secret Espresso
    • Strong & Silent
    • Smooth Jazz
    • Beautifully Bold
    • Black Tie
    • After Hours Decaf
  • 100% Organic Arabica coffee
  • Fair trade
  • Available at your local Save-on-Foods

Qualities Description Ingredients

Western Family's 100% Organic Arabica coffee beans are grown on select plantations in the lush mountainous regions of the world’s premiere coffee growing areas. The beans are roasted to perfection just before packing and sealed in an air tight bag to ensure optimum freshness, giving you a smooth and sophisticated flavour in every cup.

 100% Fair Trade and Organic Arabica Coffee Beans

Western Family Organic Coffee is produced using the highest organic production and handling standards in the world. These coffee beans were produced by farmers from Central and South America, Indonesia and Ethiopia, who emphasize the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality for future generation. Western Family Organic Coffee Beans are also Fair Trade Certified. Every cup of coffee matters more than you think. Your everyday purchases, like your daily cup of coffee, can help these farmers get better prices to help them keep their kids in school and protect fragile ecosystems.

Western Family Reviews (609)
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My husband really liked the coffee. Tried the espresso and he really enjoyed it. Will definitely buy again! Thank you very much for the opportunity to try.


As soon as I opened my free bag of Western Family Smooth Jazz Organic Fair Trade whole coffee beans, my kitchen filled with the aroma of fresh rich coffee & I hadn't even ground it yet! I didn't tell my husband that I was trying a different brand so when I gave him a cup, he wanted to know what I had used because there was definitely a big improvement. Just like it's name, this coffee is nice & smooth for a medium roast with just enough kick to get you going in the morning, or anytime for that matter. We love the fact that it's fair trade as well. I do like Western Family brands & shop for it quite often. This is definitely a winner at our house & is now a staple in my pantry. #try natural. # gotitfree #westernfamily


I love the taste of the fresh ground coffee beans. They werent too strong or too weak. They didnt have a bitter aftertaste either. I would buy them again and recommend it to family and friends.


I rarely drink coffee at home so I took this to my office to share. The overwhelming consensus was that it was great. Nice change from the coffee we usually have in the office.


This coffee was fantastic! There is a variety of flavors (with seemingly perfect names) and better yet they are all organic and fair trade! Both features are so important on a global scale, especially in the coffee bean industry. I tried the Smooth Jazz, which is so accurate! I never knew liquids to have texture but this was so satiny tasting, which is the best way to describe it, which was surprising yet oh so satisfying. The flavor was delicious, and as this is a medium bodied roast, just perfect for me. They do have mild, bold and x-bold as well so I'm sure there is a perfect variety for everyone out there. I don't have a coffee grinder so I used my blender to grind the beans which worked beautifully. Such an easy process to grind then brew in my coffee maker and I imagine it's well worth it for the freshness and flavor garnered from fresh grinding the beans. I would definitely recommend it to others and would buy it again. And at $13.99 for 400g it is not only comparable, but cheaper than most other brands of organic or fair trade whole bean coffee I've seen around.


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