Organic Sushi Nori

By Ocean's Halo

Open to residents of United States

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  • Get a voucher for a FREE Sushi Nori pack from Ocean's Halo!
  • Perfect for making your own sushi rolls at home
  • Excellent source of vitamin B12 & Iodine
  • Made with sustainable ocean-farmed seaweed
  • No preservatives or MSG
  • USDA Organic and Vegan certified
  • Includes a coupon booklet with a value of $42

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Bring sushi night home with these full seaweed sheets! Perfect for making your own sushi rolls and hand rolls. Check out this great how-to video to learn how!

Organic Seaweed.

Check out this quick California Roll recipe video!

People Wanting This (9,867)

Ocean's Halo Reviews (1,136)
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I had a hard time finding this item, but finally got it a whole foods. I generally used it my green morning smoothies. It blended up well and didn't affect the taste at all. It seemed as if it would be easy to use as a wrap for sushi or even veggies. I would recommend this product to anyone.


I was so excited to try this nori and for good reason, it is absolutely incredible! Prep is a breeze, they don’t rip or fall apart like other brands do. They also taste amazing paired with all combinations I’ve tried so far!


I liked how fresh and versatile it was. Once we made sushi rolls my children wanted to try it in everything lol. It was yummy and had family fun using it in different dishes.


Excellent product for making sushi at home. A good value. A found recipes online and the process was easy. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to try their hand at sushi at home.


Personally not a fan of seaweed sheets so I dont really have an opinion other than hating seaweed. My fiance thought they were okay. Not sure other than that.



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