Organic Sushi Nori

By Ocean's Halo

Rating (836 Reviews)

4.46 out of 5

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  • Organic sushi nori
  • Try Ocean's Halo's Sushi Nori
  • Perfect for making your own sushi rolls at home
  • Excellent source of vitamin B12 & Iodine
  • Made with sustainable ocean-farmed seaweed
  • No preservatives or MSG
  • USDA Organic and Vegan certified

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Bring sushi night home with these full seaweed sheets! Perfect for making your own sushi rolls and hand rolls. Check out this great how-to video to learn how!

Organic Seaweed

Check out this quick California Roll recipe video!

Ocean's Halo Reviews (836)
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I eat a lot of pacific rolls and sushi but Oceans Halo was really strong on the seaweed flavor. This may be great for others but I just could not get use to the taste.


I enjoy Sushi Nori, and the Ocean's Halo is very delicious. I love the green taste. It has a crisp, clean and green appeal that I enjoy. I made some sushi, with some cooked salmon, rice, and other seasonings, and I was impressed! The seaweed help everything together, and the cooking process was very simple. I loved the taste, and I would definitely recommend this product.


I really liked my free coupon from Social Nature for Oceans Halo Sushi Nori! This was something I wanted to try with my sushi loving daughter and we had a blast. It was really easy to use and was delicious!


This product is very good. The taste is fantastic they are easy to work with. I love them I believe you will too. Easy to find in the store also.


Ocean's Halo's Sushi Nori is absolutely delicious I love the fact that it's organic. Ocean's Halo's Sushi Nori is a great product that you and your family can make together.My Family and I enjoyed our Ocean's Halo's Sushi Nori. I have told several people about Ocean's Halo's Sushi Nori and they have purchased this item as well.



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