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By Ocean's Halo

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  • Try Organic Seasoning from Ocean's Halo!
  • Your choice of 4 delicious flavors: Shichimi Togarashi, Original Seaweed Salt, Hint of Lime Seaweed Salt and Hickory Smoked Seaweed Salt
  • Antioxidant and mineral-rich organic seaweed salts and seasonings
  • Low sodium
  • USDA organic and certified vegan
  • Includes a coupon booklet with a value of $42

Description Ingredients

These organic seasonings will give your meal a kelp-based umami boost with, antioxidant and mineral-rich organic seaweed salts and seasonings. More kelp means less sodium.

Shichimi Togarashi: Organic Spices, Organic Dehydrated Orange Peel, Organic Sesame Seeds, Organic Black Sesame Seeds, Organic Sea Kelp Granules.

Original Seaweed Salt: Sea Salt, Organic Sea Kelp Granules.

Hint Of Lime Seaweed Salt: Sea Salt, Organic Sea Kelp Granules, Organic Lime Peel, Citric Acid.

Hickory Smoked Seaweed Salt: Sea Salt, Smoked Sea Salt, Organic Sea Kelp Granules.

Ocean's Halo Reviews (603)
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The Original Seaweed Salt was amazing. It's a noce addition to food and is also a great alternative to regular salt. It makes the food taste great.


Love trying new spices that are not too potent and was easy on my pallet. Will try another product at a later date when my budget can handle it. One at a time is the best pollicy.


This seaweed salt adds an extra kick to my dishes. I worried about a fishy taste, but I didn't taste that, and I think it enhanced the flavor of my chicken stir fry. Works great on beef too. Its not just for fish dishes.


This Ocean's Halo seasoning is very tasty! I have used it on MANY different dishes. From steak, to fish, to pasta, or vegetables, it's wonderful on a variety of foods, which makes it a great staple item to have in the pantry. I love how it doesn't have unnecessary/ hidden fillers like a lot of seasonings do. I will definitely be purchasing more in the future, and look forward to trying new blends.


I like it. But didn’t expect this taste. Would like to try the other flavors..would explore rest of the flavors and will post my review on the other.



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