Organic Noodle Bowls

By Ocean's Halo

Rating (3,087 Reviews)

4.15 out of 5

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  • Organic noodle bowl
  • Try an Ocean's Halo noodle bowl kit! 
  • Your choice of 3 delicious varieties:
    • Pho Noodle Bowl
    • Miso Noodle Bowl
    • Ramen Noodle Bowl
  • A delicious on-the-go meal
  • Comes with gourmet organic broth, organic noodles and organic pepper or organic tofu packet
  • Uses a microwavable plant fiber bowl
  • Ready to eat in just 3 minutes!

Description Ingredients

These delicious Ocean's Halo Organic Noodle Bowls are ready to eat in just 3 minutes! Organic broth, organic noodles, and more, all in a convenient microwaveable plant fiber bowl.

Ramen Noodle Bowl: 
Organic Ramen Broth (organic kelp stock [filtered water, organic kelp], organic soy milk [filtered water, organic whole soybeans], organic bean flour, organic tamari [soybeans, salt, alcohol], organic sesame oil, natural flavors, sea salt, organic garlic puree, organic ginger juice, organic mushroom powder)
Organic Ramen Noodle (organic wheat, water, sea salt)
Organic Spice Packet (organic dried red chili peppers)

Pho Noodle Bowl: 
Organic Pho Broth (organic kelp stock [filtered water, organic kelp], organic onion puree, natural flavor, sea salt, organic cane sugar, organic ginger juice, organic star anise, organic garlic puree, organic mushroom powder, organic coriander, organic cinnamon, organic cloves)
Organic Rice Noodle (organic white rice, organic tapioca, water)
Organic Spice Packet (organic dried jalapeƱo peppers).

Miso Noodle Bowl:
Organic Miso Broth (organic kelp stock [filtered water, organic kelp], organic miso [organic soybeans, organic rice, salt, yeast, koji culture], organic bean four, natural flavor, organic mushroom powder)
Organic Ramen Noodle (organic wheat, water, sea salt)
Organic Tofu Packet (organic dried tofu)

Contains: Soy, Wheat.

Ocean's Halo Reviews (3,087)
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They where okay. I wasn't a fan of the flavors. Texture was just right size was perfect. My son did love it and he's a picky eater and i did like the ingredients because they where all natural


I was so excited to try this product since it is a healthier replacement of something I love, but the smell was terrible and I honestly just really did not like it and could not eat it.


I absolutely loved it. I have bought it several times since. I love all the varieties of organic noodle bowls. Great for work lunches and a quick snack.


Ocean’s Halo is a hard Brand to find. Not all of the grocery stores carried it. It took me a while so I was delayed in writing my review. It was convenient and the taste seemed authentic. I was surprised that it kept so well in my refrigerator after opening it.


These were really gross they tasted nasty nobody liked him I don’t think they should sell them free or not you can give them to me again that’s it



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