Baked Crunchy Fruit Chips

By Bare Snacks

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  • Baked Crunchy Fruit Chips
  • Bare Baked Crunchy Apple, Banana, or Coconut Chips (2.7-3.4 oz, Value $4.99)
  • Try our go-anywhere, delightfully crunchy baked fruit chips
  • Simple, real ingredients
  • Baked with no added oil, never fried
  • Good source of fiber
  • Snacks the whole family will love!
  • Choose from three delicious varieties: Apple, Banana, or Coconut

Description Ingredients

We believe it’s the simple things that make life a little fuller. Bare Snacks' crave-ably crunchy snacks are made from simple, real ingredients. It all starts with picking the ripest fruit, then slicing and slowly baking them to crunchy perfection. Their chips are an easy choice to snack on at home or on-the-go!

Born of the simple idea that less is more, they started slicing and baking apples at the family farm in Washington. From there, word of these surprisingly crunchy snacks quickly caught on and they began stocking local shops and markets. While they’ve outgrown the local farmer’s market, they’re still committed to making simple snacks that are simply delicious. Today, Bare Snacks offer an array of snacks, all made from simply baked whole fruits and veggies, that can now be conveniently found across the country.

committed to non-gmo
Non-GMO Project verification reflects the belief that simple, real ingredients make the absolute best products

giving back to the community
They bring their beliefs to life by proudly supporting local community and environmental organizations

Apple chips: Apples.

Banana chips: Bananas.

Coconut chips: Coconuts, cane sugar, sea salt.

Bare Snacks Reviews (911)
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Baked Crunchy Fruit Chips by Bare Snacks were a huge hit in my home. My 2 1/2 year old son even loves them. They are a little bit on the hard side since they are a chip but they break into pieces easily and you do find abfew that have this melt in your mouth texture and softness. My store only carried the Apple Chips so that is what we tried. They most definitely are everything they claim to be. Baked, crunchy, Simple real ingredients, no added oil & they are never never never fried! Which means this is a win win! It is the perfect snack for the whole family & its convienent to munch on anytime. Pack them in lunches, take on trips, on the go or just to snack on at home. The kids love them and the adults live them as much as the kids do. So its a simple, healthy, convenient snack that comes in 3 different varieties that makes everyone happy. Thats a no brainer. 4 stars! I would love to try the Coconut! So I do wish that it was easier to locate stores that carried all of them instead of just the Apple. That's my only reasoning for not giving this 5 stars.


LOVE them!! These taste so good and it makes me happy to know that they are less junky than most snacks. Will definitely be buying these over and over again!


I LOVE these chips! I really got them for my 4 year old son who loves apple chips. He likes the ones that actually look like apples with the skin still on them (even though with regular apples he doesn't eat the skin). He has tried the kind that are thicker (fruit crisps) but he does not like those. I was looking for chips with no extra additives like corn syrup etc. These fit the bill. I mean if I am going to spend this much for a bag of chips, they need to actually be healthy! He really likes the apple chips cooked in oil better, but these will do for him. For me, I am addicted to them! Buying them on Amazon was the cheapest place I could find them, just wish I could get them even cheaper!


I was the only one in my family that enjoyed them. This snack has a great tasting flavor and satisfies my salty crunchy craving without all the guilt.


The overall taste was satisfying. It had a good crunch. It was reasonably priced & easy to locate in a variety of stores. I look forward to trying other flavors.



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