Organic Flavoured Water

By Flow Alkaline Spring Water

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  • Organic Flavoured Water
  • Try a 500ml Flow Alkaline Spring Water (Value $1.99)
  • Your choice of these subtle, refreshing flavours:
    • cucumber + mint
    • lemon + ginger
  • No sugar, no juice, no calories, and no artificial sweeteners
  • Naturally occurring electrolytes & minerals, with an alkaline pH of 8.1
  • Eco-friendly pack that is 100% recyclable and 70% renewable

Description Ingredients

Flow Alkaline Spring Water is sourced from a family-owned Canadian artesian spring in Bruce County, Ontario. It comes in an eco-friendly pack, with all the mineral and electrolyte goodness you deserve from your water. Flow also has an alkaline pH of 8.1 to keep acid levels in check.

Flow Alkaline Spring Water believes that the choices we make about the water we drink, where it comes from, the healthful qualities of the minerals it contains and how it’s packaged have a direct and powerful impact on the health of individuals, communities and the environment. They call it Mindful Hydration. They're always looking for ways to protect their source, to ensure its sustainability, and to make better decisions about their packaging and business practices so that Flow and their customers are a positive force in the world. They feel a great sense of responsibility and pride to change what it means to be in the business of hydrating people.

Ingredients: Natural spring water, Organic flavour.

Flow Alkaline Spring Water Reviews (1,008)
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I received this product Flow Alkaline Spring Water complimentary from social nature. I really liked it. It was great. It kept me very hydrated. #trynatural #gotitfree


I struggled a bit to find this in my area. I know I don't drink enough water and often purchase flavored water or vitamin water instead. I like how this has no calories or artificial junk in it. The flavors were ok but wouldn't be my favorite picks. I'm not sure I'd drink it all the time but I'd probably reach for it once in a while


Lightly flavoured and delicious. This helps me drink more water and stay hydrated. sometimes plain water makes me feel a bit queasy but not this. I regularly purchase it. the only thing is sometimes it is difficult to find.


The first container of flow alkaline water I tried was strawberry rose flavored one. I didn't like the taste at all. I went back to the store & got two more containers. One was cucumber mint & the other was lemon ginger. I figured the first one was a one off, just a flavor i didnt like. Nope! I didn't like any of the flavors. I won't buy this water flavored again. As a non flavored water it is probably perfectly fine. But as a flavored one, it is awful.


I tried the cucumber and mint Flow water. I thought the packaging was very nice looking. I usually add lemon and other fruits to my water to flavour them, so this was a great alternative. The flavour was really nice, light and refreshing. I really like that there is no sugar or calories! I would definitely purchase again!



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