Organic Energy Drink

By PilotsFriend

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3.97 out of 5

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  • Organic energy drink
  • Try PilotsFriend energy tonic
    • Value $4.99-5.99
  • All-natural feel-well tonic
  • Promotes optimal concentration, performance and health
  • Contains a finely balanced assortment of caffeine derived from cola nuts and Guarana seeds
  • No sweeteners, taurine, preservatives, or artificial flavours
  • A healthy alternative for coffee and artifical sugary energy drinks

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PilotsFriend organic energy drink was precision crafted by bio-scientists and nutritionists, originally made for active duty jet pilots, PilotsFriend promotes optimal concentration, performance and health without the adverse effects associated with caffeinated beverages and sugary energy drinks. After more than 10 years of success in Europe this all-natural energy tonic is finally available in North America.

Natural spring water, Organic apple juice*, Organic cane sugar, Organic black carrot juice*, Organic chokeberry juice*, Organic lemon juice*, Organic acerola extract, Natural cola nut extract, Natural great yellow gentian extract, Natural quinine extract, Natural orange extract, Natural ginger extract, Organic guarana extract, Organic cardamom extract, Natural flavors (blend of extracts from seven natural fruits), Carbonated water.

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Sip it neat, on the rocks or add it to your most decadent concoction. Here are few recipes made by famous mixologists  to show the fun side of the tonic.

True North
Ice Cubes
150 ml PilotsFriend
100 ml Cola
1 Tbsp. Maple Syrup
Top with Cream

The Co-Pilot
60 ml Apple Juice
20 ml Lemon Juice
Splash of Rosemary Syrup
Top with PilotsFriend
Ice Cubes

PilotsFriend Reviews (827)
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The taste was not bad at all and not medicine like. It really gave me energy when needed. I did not have an energy crash afterwards and I would definitely buy this again for long drives.


Intense kick and great taste, bought it since the coupon expired.... I tried the Fruit flavour and then went to the batting cages and had energy and felt like I was able to focus better on the ball as well. Definitely trying it again.


Great product! I loved that it does not have preservatives or artificial flavours. It tastes great and it gives a good energy boost! It is fantastic to see that it does not contain as much sugar as other energy drinks, while it still provides a good amount of caffeine and flavour. Would highly recommend!


I loved this in the middle of the day when it wa Sri late for coffee but I wanted something that gave me a boost! It’s cold and refreshing so it’s a great afternoon drink


I enjoyed the taste of this drink and would use it as an alternative to chilled/ iced coffee. I like that there's no sweeteners, preservatives or artificial flavours.



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