Organic Daily Dog Supplement

By SmartyPants

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  • Try SmartyPaws daily supplement
  • Available in nine different varieties, customized to your dog's age and size
  • Made with premium and organic whole ingredients
  • Support your dog's joint, digestive, immune, skin, and allergy health
  • Wheat and dairy free
  • Full product retails for $29.95-$42.95

Description Ingredients

This daily multivitamin was designed by vets and customized for your dog's size and age. SmartyPaws uses premium and organic whole ingredients to support joint, digestive, immunity, skin, and allergy health - all in one easy serving.


SmartyPants Reviews (1,896)
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My dog loved this and its hard to tell but i do think i saw an improvement in his overall health. I will definitely continue to buy this product and recommend it to my friends and fellow dog lovers.


My dog really enjoyed it and wanted more then the sample I received. Lol. But I'm going to buy more because how he loved it and how beneficial it will be for him using it.


Our picky pups didn’t have an issue taking the supplement. Usually it can be a fight if it’s not jerky. They seemed to like the taste. I was happy they were getting more vitamins.


This is a wonderful product to use for your lovely pets! We care for ourselves, why not help them with their daily care as well with these supplements.


My dogs loved the treats and they didn’t hurt there stomach or anything bc normally when they try something new it will hurt there stomach but these ones didn’t LOVE



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