Organic Daily Dog Supplement

By SmartyPants

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4.02 out of 5

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  • Try SmartyPaws daily supplement
  • Available in nine different varieties, customized to your dog's age and size
  • Made with premium and organic whole ingredients
  • Support your dog's joint, digestive, immune, skin, and allergy health
  • Wheat and dairy free
  • Full product retails for $29.95-$42.95

Description Ingredients

This daily multivitamin was designed by vets and customized for your dog's size and age. SmartyPaws uses premium and organic whole ingredients to support joint, digestive, immunity, skin, and allergy health - all in one easy serving.


SmartyPants Reviews (379)
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I received this sample and it said it was like a tablet but it was completely crushed into powder but I sprinkled it over my dogs food and he seemed to really enjoy it and made sure to eat all the pieces covered in the powder. I really don't know if it had any benefits for him since the sample was only big enough for one use. I imagine id have to give him this for at least a week to notice how well it worked but since my dog enjoyed it so much it would be worth buying to try out.


The SmartyPants Organic Daily Dog Supplement was a huge hit with my dog! She immediately ate it and even tried begging for more! I’m definitely pleased with the health benefits for my dog and would recommend these!


My dog loved these, they seemed like a great treat. She ate them no problem. I am all for products that help improve my dog's health. They were easy to open and stayed fresh.


I wish I could give a thoroughly accurate rating for this product, but Social Nature only sent out a sample packet containing one single supplement. One. It's hard to determine how effective this supplement is based off only one single dose, but here's to trying. I gave this to my room mate's dog, an adopted mutt of about 20 pounds and approximately six years old. Sprinkled it on top his food and he ate it with no hesitation. Smartypaws gets bonus points for having a wide variety based on a dog's age and size, but as with anything organic it comes with an organic price tag. Do I recommend it? Hard to say since I don't know the long term benefits but given the highly questionable nature of a lot of cheap dog food and supplements out there I guarantee that this is certainly the lesser of two evils and worth giving it a try.


My dog loved it, and she is normally a picky eater. The size is convenient and i would recommend it to other dog owners. With the high quality i know she will be happy.


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