Organic Daily Dog Supplement

By SmartyPants

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  • Try SmartyPaws daily supplement
  • Available in nine different varieties, customized to your dog's age and size
  • Made with premium and organic whole ingredients
  • Support your dog's joint, digestive, immune, skin, and allergy health
  • Wheat and dairy free
  • Full product retails for $29.95-$42.95

Description Ingredients

This daily multivitamin was designed by vets and customized for your dog's size and age. SmartyPaws uses premium and organic whole ingredients to support joint, digestive, immunity, skin, and allergy health - all in one easy serving.


SmartyPants Reviews (1,953)
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I think if I used them more I would be able to see any difference it made in my dogs. They liked the supplement. Giving my dogs healthier food/treats is important to me. We will have to try the other varities!


My dog Loved Smartypaws organic vitamins. They make me feel good knowing they have No fillers, wheat, or dairy. I know it is quality made specially for your type of dogs needs, not one size fits all. Recommend high Smartypaws vitamins


This was great tasting for my dog. She really ate it up. Her coat looked healthier and shinier as a result of the supplement. I was very impressed!


My dog LOVED these. She's generally picky about snacks and treats, but we never had trouble getting her to have her supplements. Love that it's made with premium and organic whole ingredients and help keep her healthy!


My dog liked the taste and had no problem eating it. I like that there are several varieties for dog size and age. I will consider the joint supplement when my dog gets older.



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