Organic Daily Dog Supplement

By SmartyPants

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  • Try SmartyPaws daily supplement
  • Available in nine different varieties, customized to your dog's age and size
  • Made with premium and organic whole ingredients
  • Support your dog's joint, digestive, immune, skin, and allergy health
  • Wheat and dairy free
  • Full product retails for $29.95-$42.95

Description Ingredients

This daily multivitamin was designed by vets and customized for your dog's size and age. SmartyPaws uses premium and organic whole ingredients to support joint, digestive, immunity, skin, and allergy health - all in one easy serving.


SmartyPants Reviews (1,984)
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I have an extremely picky dog who has been known to turn down even the most ‘human-grade’ looking dog treats in the past, so I was skeptical about her enjoying a dog supplement. To my complete and utter surprise, she seemed to enjoy them and didn’t just let the other dog eat hers. I’ve recommended these to a friend who is now giving them to their dogs as well. It feels good to know that I’m giving all of the pets in my life the very best.


I tried the Smarty Paws daily supplement and my dog is usually a very picky eater he will often refuse many treats and dogs foods. I was really shocked not only did he eat this just fine but he started doing tricks begging for more! He ran after me after I put it away and kept pawing me for more! I have never seen him this excited over anything before!


My dog wasn’t too keen on this supplement. He actually turned his nose away from it the first day I gave it to him. After that, I coated it with peanut butter and grin then had no issues. I didn’t notice any difference in his health. #gotitfree but wouldn’t buy it again.


Lucy loves anything we give her that we call a cookie, this product was no different , excited she easily gave it a paw up and came running for it and treated us to her happy dance . I guess she’ll keep dancing at this rate , especially since it’s great for her hips


My dog loved these. I'd love to get them if I knew where they were sold. He's also a very picky pup so if he liked them they get paws up from both of us. Best part, besides him liking them, is they are great for him.



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