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  • Oral probiotic
  • Try AOR's Breath Biotics
  • Contains a high dose of patented oral probiotic strain Streptococcus salivarius K12
  • Promotes a healthy oral microbiome which acts as the first line of defense against infections
  • Reduces bacteria that contribute to the formation of dental caries
  • Fights bacteria that cause bad breath
  • Naturally sweetened and mint flavored

Description Ingredients

Breath Biotics with BLIS K12 contains a patented strain of the probiotic Streptococcus salivarius K12, to ensure a healthy oral microflora. By increasing the good bacteria present in the mouth, you can reduce bacteria that causes not only bad breath, but contributes to the formation of dental carriers.  A healthy oral microflora promotes the health of teeth and gums, and strengthens your first line of defense against infections. 

Cleaning the tongue, by brushing or with mouthwashes, can remove some of the offensive compounds (food remnants, dead cells etc.) that the bacteria feed on, clear away bacteria themselves, or mask the odour for a period of time. But treatment of the underlying cause is ultimately best practice.

BLIS K12™* (Streptococcus salivarius K12) (1 billion CFU† per serving)

Non-medicinal ingredientsisomalt, sodium stearyl fumarate, maltodextrin, monk fruit extract, starch, gum Arabic, hyprolose, trehalose, lacitol, natural flavour (wintergreen, peppermint).

†Colony-forming units.

AOR Reviews (4,083)
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The product possibly works for some bit for me I didn't find it made a big difference. The taste is fine and the vitamin k12 can be beneficial but check with your doctor as certain medications can be a no no with it.


I liked the flavor and the taste was great! There was no bad taste once it was gone. I liked how long it lasted and the design and Brand is very eye catching


It's a mint. It's really not that exciting. I tried to entice others to try it but people seemed intimidated by the packaging and the probiotic aspect


I really enjoyed the opportunity to try AOR's Breath Biotics. I loved knowing that probiotics could be consumed in such an easy to manage tablet, which additionally has a very mild and easy to handle taste. I found that the tablets delivered on their promise and I did indeed have fresher breath. While I would recommend this product for anyone experiencing foul breath issues, I would find buying this product on a regular basis prohibitive due to the price.


After drinking coffee, I hate the yucky taste left behind. I found the minty fresh taste delicious and it worked wonders on fighting the nasty taste after my cuppa joe.



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