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By Flow Alkaline Spring Water

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  • Naturally Alkaline Spring Water
  • Try 500ml or 1L Naturally Alkaline Flow Water
  • Sourced from Canadian artesian spring; An alkaline pH of 8.1 keeps acid levels in line
  • Naturally occurring electrolytes and minerals: Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium and Bicarbonate
  • 100% recyclable and made with up to 70% renewable material
  • Sourced and packed in Bruce County, Ontario, Canada

Description Ingredients

Flow Water is 100% naturally alkaline spring water. It's sourced from a family-owned Canadian artesian spring and naturally packed in an eco-friendly package with all the goodness you deserve from your water, like electrolytes for athletic recovery, healthy minerals for taste and an alkaline pH of 8.1 to keep acid levels in check.

Flow Water believes that the choices we make about the water we drink, where it comes from, the healthful qualities of the minerals it contains and how it’s packaged have a direct and powerful impact on the health of individuals, communities and the environment. They call it Mindful Hydration. They're always looking for ways to protect their source, to ensure it’s sustainability, and to make better decisions about their packaging and business practices so that Flow Water and it’s customers are a positive force in the world. They feel a great sense of responsibility and pride to change what it means to be in the business of hydrating people.

100% natural Canadian spring water.

Flow Alkaline Spring Water Reviews (704)
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I like the packaging of it , how its not plastic. It has a great taste. I think it's better than most other types of water, I think its very similar to fuji water, or Dasani water.


I really enjoyed this water and I’ve been buying it ever since I tried it. I have a thyroid condition which makes it advantageous for me to drink alkaline water, and it’s important that it be natural.


I love finding water that is alkaline. This is a great brand and the fact that it is made out of recycle material makes them environmentally friendly.


Alkaline water is my go to after an intense workout or on a hot day!! Even after eating horrible I need that akaline to rebalance out my ph!


Nice water with a good taste. I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to try it and share my opinion. And I would definitely recommend it. Thank you.



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