Natural Moth Repellent

By earthkind

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  • Natural Moth Repellent by earthkind®
  • Try Stay Away® Moths by earthkind®
  • Made with essential oils of geraniol, geranium, and cedar
  • No harmful chemicals
  • No messy clean up
  • Effective for 30+ days
  • Made in USA
  • Pleasant scent for you, offensive scent for moths
  • Non-toxic

Qualities Description Ingredients

Use this natural repellent from earthkind® to rid your home of moths without killing them, which is safer for your family and the environment.

How it Works: Adult moths use their smell to locate the ideal environment to lay their eggs - quiet, undisturbed areas with the necessary protein needed for the larva to grow. Stay Away® Moths pouches placed in these areas emit a scent pleasant to people, but offensive to moths.

Why it Works: Cedar chests have long been used to store linens and clothing since the scent helps keep moths away, but the effect has had a short shelf life. earthkind® has found a unique blend of essential oils that incorporates this traditional wisdom into an easy to use patented pouch so you can make moths 'stay away' from your personal property no matter where it is stored, no expensive, heavy, wooden chest necessary!

How to Use: Use one pouch per storage container, pantry, or small closet; two pouches per small room. Increase the number of pouches as needed until desired results are obtained and replace when the scent has diminished (usually 30-60 days). Place anywhere packaged foods, clothes or linens are stored: drawers, storage chests, linen closets, wardrobes, or other places you would like to prevent moths from entering or living in.

Active Ingredients (10%): Geraniol Extract, Geranium Oil, Cedar Oil.

Inert Ingredients (90%): Corn Cob, Sunflower Oil.

earthkind Reviews (1,410)
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I hadn't heard great things about earthkind's other pest repellant products so I was a bit hesitant to try this however as with most cedar products it's pretty effective! I really prefer using all natural products and this is a very affordable option! I do wish it were more widely available though, it was a bit tricky to track down.


This is the first time ever using a moth repellent, since my house doesn’t currently have any issues with moths. Instead, I used the repellent at our vacation house up north, a place where moths and spiders are prevalent. I also picked up a couple of Stay Away Moth pouches since I knew those would come in handy too. The biggest problem area is the main bedroom on the first floor. I love the fact that EarthKind combines essential oils that smell great to us, but works to repel moths. I love that this a natural repellent, because I try to be chemical-free as possible. The pouches are a nice size and doesn’t inconvenient any space that you place them. However, I did have to go to Lowes a couple of times to get the other products because they seemed to be always sold out. After a few months, I visited again and found that I haven’t had anymore issues with the moths coming back. It does say that the pouches only last 30-60 days so I will have to check back again to see if they are still working. Overall, the pouches are effective, safe and affordable for any household. EarthKind has now become my go-to company for future for moth, spider or rodent issues.


I was mostly happy with this product. It was equally as effective as moth repellant gels and had a more pleasant smell. However, for the price and lasting effectiveness - meaning the frequency of refills, I will stick to the cheaper brands since my cashmere sweater still got gnawed on.


I was unable to get my Moth repellant at my one participating store. Lowes told me that they would be getting more in stock but never did.


Well the first time i tried to get them at Lowes they were sold out. That told me it might be a good product. When i finally got them i put them in my closets where we usually find moths. After the first 3 days we never seen anymore moths. I also liked the fact there was no harmful chemicals and no messy cleanup. I definitely recommend these to anyone who has a moth problem.


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