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  • Try Crystal™ Deodorant
  • Choose Roll-On, Mineral Stick, Mineral Stone, Spray or Invisible Solid Stick
  • Provides 24-hour odor protection
  • Made with essential oils 
  • No waxy residue or white marks
  • No flaking, non-sticky, non-oily
  • No Aluminum 
  • No Parabens
  • Vegan and Cruelty Free


CRYSTAL's safe and effective deodorants work up to 24 hours. No gimmicks, no harsh chemicals, no toxins. Unlike antiperspirants, CRYSTAL deodorants don’t block the pores allowing the body to function naturally. Odor is controlled and eliminated by natural minerals and other botanically-derived ingredients like Lotus Blossom and Orange Peel Extract. You're safe and armed with confidence.

CRYSTAL Reviews (1,594)
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This deodorant smelled clean and fresh as soon as I removed the cap. It wasnt overwhelming but crisp and just scented enough. I was definitely impressed that my clothes weren't left with stains. I work with the public and received compliments as I walked by guests. I live in Texas which means heat & humidity 80% of the year and this deodorant stood up to the challenge. I work 10 hours outside the home and only applied it once in the morning. When I went to the gym on my off day and worked out, I felt I may need to reapply after my 2 hours of intense workout classes. I have bought 3 items since; 2 for me and 1 dry spray for my husband to try.

Variety tried: Mineral Deodorant Roll-on – Lavender & White Tea

I like the deodorant, because it actually worked, I'd Def tell my friends to run and buy it for themselves and most of them have already. Only thing I'd change and disliked was there wasn't any scent i like scented deodorant. I would buy a competitors I've this if it came down to scent being a factor for me!

Variety tried: Mineral Deodorant Stick - Unscented

I really like this deodorant because it is unscented and lasts all day even in this FL heat. My boys sweat alot and they do not come home stink

Variety tried: Mineral Deodorant Roll-on – Unscented

The product was nice. Worked effectively for my wife. She enjoyed it, and controlled order and didn't feel sticky. I would recommend to others.

Variety tried: Invisible Solid Stick – Vanilla Jasmine

Awesome product I tell everyone I know how fabulous their product is. It keeps me dry and my clothes do not get wet and most of all there are no white marks. I love it

Variety tried: Invisible Solid Stick – Lavender & White Tea


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