Muscle Recovery & Growth Supplement

By Natural Factors

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  • Muscle Recovery & Growth Supplement
  • Try Natural Factors Muscle Recovery & Growth Optimizer
  • Aids muscle cell repair and growth after exercise
  • Helps restore plasma glutamine levels after physical stress
  • Supports immune system health after physical stress
  • Encourages healthy digestive function after physical stress
  • Provides antioxidants for the maintenance of good health

Description Ingredients

Natural Factors CurcuminRich Muscle Recovery & Growth Optimizer combines high-absorption Theracurmin with a micronized form of the amino acid L-glutamine. The convenient unflavoured drink mix promotes muscle and immune system recovery after periods of intense physical stress by helping to restore blood glutamine levels and support antioxidant defense.

Medicinal Ingredients:
L-glutamine (micronized), Theracurmin® curcumin† from turmeric (Curcuma longa) (rhizome)
A highly bioavailable form of curcumin – the most active curcuminoid in turmeric

Non-Medicinal Ingredients:
Maltose, gum ghatti, maltodextrin, citric acid

Natural Factors Reviews (1,715)
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The taste was okay. I found that it did help the muscles with soreness, did not last as long . Long term not sure if it helped with muscles growth


I thought giving this product a try. Taste was okay but found that I preferred other brands compared to this. It was definitely worth the try as I'm sure this would be preference. If you have a chance, give it a try to see if you would like it or not.


My muscles felt a lot better after a work out when using this product. Especially the following day. The taste is not amazing but it definitely doesn't taste horrible.


I did not receive this product to test so I cannot comment but would like to try it. If it was sent to me I would have written a review but as of now I have not received any of this product. Thank you Bonnie


This was a great product. It is definitely something that I would purchase again. Great for after a work out to help rebuild muscle. highly recomend.



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