Menstrual Tea

By Flora Manufacturing & Distributing Ltd.

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  • Menstrual Tea is formulated for women to relieve monthly pains
  • Try Women Tea by Flora
  • Eases cramping and soothes digestive complaints
  • Calms nervousness
  • Contains chamomile and rosemary to soothe mind and body
  • 1 of 12 teas in Flora's Medicinal Tea collection
  • Naturally caffeine free
  • Made in Canada

Description Ingredients

A wholesome menstrual tea formulated to work with your body and support a healthy cycle. Flora’s For Women Tea is a comforting blend that calms the nerves, eases cramping and tension, and soothes digestive complaints. Formulated to be particularly beneficial prior to and during a woman’s menstrual cycle, this wholesome tea features a blend of herbs that reduce spasms and inflammation, helps to ease the discomfort and pain associated with menstruation, and relieve tension. Herbs including yarrow, chamomile, calendula, lemon balm and lady’s mantle are never sourced from China and help you enjoy a trouble-free menstruation.

Yarrow Aerial Parts (Achillea millefolium), Chamomile Flower (Matricaria recutita), Lady’s Mantle Aerial Parts (Alchemilla vulgaris), Calendula Flower (Calendula officinalis), Lemon Balm Aerial Parts (Melissa officinalis), Skullcap Aerial Parts (Scutellaria lateriflora) and Rosemary Leaf (Rosmarinus officinalis).

Flora Manufacturing & Distributing Ltd. Reviews (188)
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I like the idea of the product but I didn't love the flavour of the tea. It somewhat helped but I didn't love it compared to other medicines.


I found this tea so helpful and soothing. I shared it with my niece when she got her first period and was so distraught and now she finds it so comforting to have too. It makes that time of the month so special for us both and she sends me pics of her tea.


I love this tea! It really helps soothes cramps and bloating during those monthly tough times. Helped me relax before going to bed and even had a good night sleep. Flavour is very calm and great. Subtle hints of chamomile helped with digestion.


After trying this out for about 2 months i can definitely say that this tea helps with menstrual pain and it really works great. it helps ease the pain and it has a soothing way of not being too harsh for you. i love that it is caffeine free. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has menstrual pain.


I would recommend it to my friends. It worked within minutes after drinking it. The taste if tea the tea wasn't that bad. It tasted like green tea, but without the caffeine. #trynatural #GotItFree



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