Celebrating Lessons and Learnings: Women in Naturals

by Social Nature Team | September 22nd, 2016

Social Nature, along with Multibird Branding and Vista Magazine, hosted the second Women in Naturals breakfast. This time we gathered in Toronto, in conjunction with CHFA East, the largest natural product show in Canada.

Bringing together a dynamic group of CEOs, brand marketers and mentees behind some of our industry’s top brands, we discussed a variety of key topics including business leadership, lessons learned, and ways we can foster career growth for women. Reporters and media journalists from Canadian Grocer, Marketing Magazine, and Flare Canada also joined us.

Attendance doubled from the previous event. Clearly we’re a growing community, with much to say, learn and share with others! And share we did.

Over a delicious breakfast at the Hotel Le Germain in Toronto, here’s a handful of some key take-aways:

How to be a woman in the workplace 

We spoke about how to nurture and leverage feminine values such as compassion and collaboration within our business culture. There was also some great conversations about the language women often use, including overuse of the word “just”.

Bringing mindfulness into our work

When asked, ‘how do you avoid burn-out?’, there was talk of leading by example. For example, when working over the weekend, don’t assume others are too. To show respect for personal time, and avoid creating a culture that’s work-work-work, use an email scheduling tool instead. One of the attendees reminded us that at the end of the day we’re all responsible for setting our own boundaries. Whether we’re the CEO of a business or an up-and-comer in the workplace, when we show respect to others, as well as ourselves, everyone benefits.

Promoting more women in the boardroom:

Despite the growth of the naturals industry, there was a shared agreement that we need to see more women around the boardroom table. One tactic to help foster this included using The Shine Theory. This involves repeating ideas and suggestions from others as a way to ensure their thoughts have been heard, are valued, and get the credit they deserve.

Taking the highs with the lows:

For budding entrepreneurs, you’ll appreciate the words of wisdom from our founder, Annalea Krebs. Referring to a talk she recently gave, she shared her worst days as an entrepreneurProof that inspiration doesn’t always come with glory.

Based on the success of this event to promote engaging dialogue and community, we remain as committed as ever to growing our tribe, and look forward to hosting more events.

Co-host Katharine Herringer sums this up nicely, saying: “We are most comfortable, and therefore much more likely to succeed with the support of others in a similar tribe. If you haven’t found yours, seek it out. It can make all the difference in doing your best work.”

On that note, if you or someone you know is interested in joining our #womeninnaturalscanada tribe, send us a note at hello@socialnature.com!  We’d love to see you at our next Women in Naturals event.