How to Have a Successful Canadian Product Launch

by Annalea Krebs | April 20th, 2017

Social Nature was recently featured in the Spring issue of Grocery Business Magazine, highlighting how we’re helping U.S. brands launch their natural products into the Canadian market.

Launching any new product is a daunting task for a company, but launching your product in a different country can make things even more difficult. Here at Social Nature, we are the guiding light you need to get the buzz going on your new product!

We can provide Everyday Influencers, who are a part of Social Nature’s growing community across North America, and drive them to retail locations where your product is being sold. We do this through a voucher campaign where our Influencers go home, try it out and then review the product online and on social media.

Social Nature has had great success with American brands launching new products in Canada. Andy Query, Marketing Manager for MELT Organics has said,

“Social Nature’s community was an integral part piece in substantially increasing our sales in Canada. This was largely due to natural product enthusiasts becoming aware of MELT through the Social Nature campaign, trying our product in-store, and then sharing their product reviews and coupons with their social media network.”

We will work with you to help reach your new demographic through digital marketing and authentic reviews online!