Updated Twist on In-Store Demos

by Annalea Krebs | February 2nd, 2017

Social Nature is taking in-store demos to the digital age!

We were interviewed by Food Navigator to share how our Influencer marketing model offers an updated twist on in-store demos. Annalea Krebs, Founder and CEO is quoted in the article:

“We are in-store demos 2.0. We can target the right customer, make sure they are a new customer, give you consumer product reviews and feedback, build online brand awareness…and accomplish the same results that retailers want in terms of driving sales at the store level and driving repeat purchases, but in a better way.”

Social Nature is working to create unique digital campaigns that will help any brand accomplish their objectives and improve from the classic brick and mortar marketing. We’re providing a large group of Everyday Influencers that we can target to make sure that the specific people you’re interested in are getting your product! And with an 80% engagement rate from our Influencers, news of your brand will spread and help get more product off the shelves.