7 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017

by Annalea Krebs | December 28th, 2016

We’ve surveyed the land to round up the Top 7 Marketing Trends for 2017 that you should be paying attention to. Drum roll, please…


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Marketing Trends for 2017


1. Social will be the ‘go-to’ for product launches

Step aside TV.  A recent survey of brand marketers in the UK, US, and Australia showed 74% prioritize social media to launch a new product. Reasons included shrinking timelines to move a product to market, real-time analytics, plus the ability to modify strategies based on consumer feedback. (Marketing Week)


2. Real consumers – not paid influencers – will lead the way

85% of consumers trust content made from others, more than they trust brands’ content.  Hence why more marketers will use everyday consumer reviews and user-generated content versus paid spokespeople including bloggers, to lead their digital marketing. (Forbes)


3. Mission-based brands will continue to resonate best with Millennials

With 85% of millennials saying they correlate their purchasing decisions and willingness to recommend a product to the social good efforts a company is making, we will see more brands like Back to the Roots rise to the top. (Entrepreneur)


4. Brands will connect the dots between online and offline

When 70% of consumers say they rely on user-review sites before making a purchase, and 57% use social media networks for recommendations, it means brands have no choice but to incorporate consumer reviews to their site in order to drive traffic in-store. (Mintel)


5. Brand engagement will trump impressions 

Impressions and clicks are one thing. But savvy marketers will focus more on brand engagement. That is, the actions consumers take based on their brand experience such as posting online reviews, referring a product to friends, redeeming a coupon, or downloading an app. (AdAge)


6. Consumers – not brands – will drive retail loyalty

So often, brands are turned down by retailers. To get around this, smart marketers will use their consumers’ opinions to gain retail buy-in. Food company Alligga did exactly this, winning not just shelf space but retail loyalty too. (Social Nature)


7. Millennials will perish. Long live Generation C

Why focus on an age group, when it’s really about connectivity? Enter Generation C: These are the consumers who aren’t just online, they’re active and engaged. They love creating and curating content, discovering products, and sharing their opinions with their expanding networks. (Ryan Holmes, CEO at HootSuite)



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