Building Authentic Buzz with Millennial Moms

by Annalea Krebs | September 13th, 2016

“Building Natural Buzz with Moms: Social Nature taps the power of online reviews from friends.”


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We’re trilled to share Marketing Magazine’s article featuring Social Nature and how we’re building authentic buzz with moms! Why is this important?

“For young moms in particular, there’s no better product endorsement than a recommendation from a friend. According to Mintel’s Social Media Trends 2015 report, millennial women (41%) and mothers with children at home (38%) are most likely to get reviews from friends and peers before buying.”

Here at Social Nature, we help millennial women and mothers with children at home get authentic reviews and recommendations. We do this by using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to help spread the word on natural products from our Everyday Influencers.

“It’s important for them (millennial women and mothers) to have some kind of social reinforcement when making a purchasing decision, whether it’s a friend online, a blogger they respect and follow, or through their own Google research.”

-Annalea Krebs, Founder and CEO of Social Nature

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