Meet Sandra, Plant-Based Everyday Influencer

by Social Nature Team | October 18th, 2017

In this Social Nature Everyday Influencer Spotlight, we sit down with Sandra Nomoto to learn more about her journey from processed foods to cooking with natural and (mostly) plant-based ingredients.


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Tell us about yourself! What keeps you busy, what are you passionate about?

Being the CEO of Conscious Public Relations Inc., a PR agency, keeps me pretty busy during the week. I’m passionate about making the world a better place, and Conscious PR helps to tell the stories of companies making a difference for people or the planet. I love discovering and spreading the word about businesses that are doing great work. Through my blog and social media, I like to share my journey to being a conscious person, whether it’s where I ate a delicious vegan meal, reviewing ethical products, or talking about my a-ha moments. I also love really good movies and TV series, running, hiking, yoga, traveling, and ice cream!

What do your friends go to you for advice on? 

Lately it’s been where to eat in Vancouver or places I travel to. Even though I mostly eat out on weekends, I’m lucky that we’re so spoiled in this city, and it’s not difficult to eat a good vegetarian meal at most places. I bake almost weekly and my recipes are always vegan and refined sugar-free, so I do get asked for recipes when other people like the final products.

How do you #trynatural in your everyday life?

Since watching the documentary Earthlings in 2007 I’ve been on a journey to eat animal-free and am happy to say I’m almost there. When I started, my husband (boyfriend at the time) saw me stocking my fridge and freezer with a lot of processed, ready-made foods, and was concerned about my health because eating plant-based does not necessarily mean healthy. It was then that I started to learn how to cook. Besides granola and dark chocolate, I don’t keep many processed foods in the kitchen anymore. Although I’m not a pro, I’m proud that I make my own meals during the week and usually only eat out on weekends. It’s good for your health AND your wallet.

How does it feel to be an Everyday Influencer? 

Pretty cool. It’s an interesting time to live in a world where social media helps us influence each other. In my case, I’m really passionate about sharing products and about companies that are doing good, because if we want to have an individual impact positively, these are the folks we need to support with our dollars.

How many and what products have you tried so far through Social Nature? What was your favorite natural product?

I have tried 8 products:

  • Hippie Snacks Coconut Chips
  • Nature’s Way Flavoured Liquid Coconut Oil
  • Mettrum Originals Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds
  • MELT Organic Dairy Free Butter
  • Patience Fruit & Co Dried Cranberries
  • So Delicious Chocolate Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert
  • SoLo Energy Bar (Lemon Coconut)
  • A.Vogel Herbed Sea Salt

My favourite of these were Patience’s dried cranberries. They were so big, plump, and juicy. Nature’s candy!


How do you know you’re inspiring other people to #trynatural?

Since a lot of my family and friends aren’t vegetarian or proactively trying to eat super healthy, I think they appreciate knowing about these new products. My friend Christine is a fitness junkie and especially keen on trying out new and healthy products (she’s a Social Nature influencer too). She and I jam about some of the same products we’ve reviewed and she just started drinking kombucha this year, so now we talk about all the new brands of kombucha that we have or haven’t tried.

Why do you continue to be part of the Social Nature community? What do you love about Social Nature?

Social Nature is a win-win-win company. It helps businesses get their products out there – which, in a world of many unhealthy choices – is so desperately needed. Free products for us are great, and through the platform, we can share our reviews and opinions so easily. Annalea is also just a rock star human being!

What’s one thing you think people don’t know about Social Nature?

I don’t think people know the screening process that Social Nature goes through when it chooses the companies it partners with. #trynatural describes it perfectly – they have to meet a natural standard to make the cut for influencers, and that’s important to us. We’re not just here for samples, but to try what might be a game-changing product in our daily lives.

What would you tell someone who’s thinking about signing up for Social Nature?

Whenever people ask me what Social Nature is, I tell them to sign up! It’s fun, and also really cool when a product you’ve been dying to try comes up and you get accepted to review it!

Thank you for inspiring people to #trynatural!

Want to follow Sandra’s journey? Follow her on Instagram @sandranomoto!

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