Meet Hallie, Pet Everyday Influencer

by Social Nature Team | November 16th, 2017

In this Social Nature Everyday Influencer Spotlight, we sit down with pet-owner and animal-lover, Hallie Potter, to chat about her love of animals and how she has inspired others to try more vegetarian options.


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Tell us about yourself! What are you most passionate about?

I am passionate about animals and animal welfare. I love cats! I think it is important to take care of the things around us-animals, the environment, nature itself. If you support the environment it will support you back. I have started growing my own herbs and my vegetable garden is expanding every year. It is easy to start with something small to dip your foot in and go from there. There is nothing to lose in trying, even if you fail. You will have learned what not to do and can try again until you find what works for you.

As an influencer, what do your friends go to you for advice on most?

I have been a vegetarian for many years. I am the only one in my family who is. It took me a long time to get more vegetable/vegetarian-friendly dishes introduced into family gatherings. Not everything needs bacon added to it. So now my sister-in-law has gone vegetarian and my cousins have experimented with it. They have come to me for advice and to find vegetarian recipes. I let them know that reading labels is very important. It is amazing some of the items that contain animal products in them. I find it best to make my own food from scratch. I know that isn’t always possible, so I look for trusted companies that I can depend on for healthy foods I can eat.

What inspired you to become an Everyday Influencer?

I love being able to try products and write reviews on them knowing I can help other people make a decision to try something they may not have tried otherwise. I read reviews and have been influenced by other people, so I know how important it is to thoroughly try something and write an honest review. My followers know this about me, so they trust what I have to say. It is exciting to hear from someone that I helped introduce them to a new product.

How do you #trynatural in your everyday life?

I have been adding more natural foods in my daily life. I love exploring new products, flavors, and ideas. I have also started to use more natural products outside of my body as well. Shampoo, conditioner, all kinds of hair products, body wash, perfume, deodorant, facial products-cleansers, serums, makeup, and more, lotions too…the list goes on and on. We use all of these everyday. I love finding products that are natural and work just as well. Aloe is a great natural resource that is used for so many things and that is just one option to use as a natural alternative.

Sounds like you cook a lot! What types of natural products are always in your cupboard?

I like to cook from scratch whenever I can, so I have dry goods like black beans and rice. Basic staples. Every kind of herb and spice to season things. I dry my own herbs from my herb garden too for the winter months. I have started to freeze my home grown vegetables. It doesn’t get anymore natural than that!

What was your favorite natural product from Social Nature?

Out of the products I have tried so far my favorite is the Nasoya Egg Roll Wraps. I had always wanted to try making my own egg rolls but I thought it would be too hard. I jumped on the chance to try these. Now I can’t stop buying more. I love southwestern egg rolls the best so far. I based what I made from this recipe. Making the salsa from my homegrown tomatoes is awesome! I have made these so many times. I want some every time I see the picture I took of my first time making them. I highly recommend making these to everyone!

I am really excited to get to try the candy. Dark chocolate is my favorite!

Of the products you’ve tried, how many have you purchased again?

I keep a steady supply of Nasoya egg roll wraps in my fridge. I love them so much. I use their wonton wraps now as well, which are basically a smaller version of the egg roll wraps. I served the veggie dogs and tofu at a family gathering and now my sister-in-law buys them for herself.

Have you inspired any of your friends to try the products you’ve reviewed and shared?

My sister-in-law and brother have started using the products I’ve introduced them to. I have posted the southwestern egg rolls multiple times and get a great response from them. I have also referred people to Social Nature to learn more about the products I share and to get introduced to the program itself. I know several people have signed up. It is great that more people are willing to #trynatural and switch to more natural products.

Why do you continue to be part of the Social Nature community?

I love to learn about new products and find natural alternatives to other products I am still using. It is great that more brands are getting on board with the #trynatural movement. I love the opportunity to try products and let others in on what I have discovered.

What would you tell someone who’s thinking about signing up for Social Nature?

I would tell them to just do it already! Social Nature is a great place to get started or continue on your #trynatural journey. Social Nature offers free products so there is no risk in trying something new. You never know, it could change the way you think, change your lifestyle, or at the very least you find your newest favorite product that you can’t live without.

And finally, if you could wish for one natural product to try, what would it be?

It is so hard to pick just one! There are so many products available. I love food, so I would likely narrow it down to a food product. I just bought a popcorn popper, so I’d like to try Women’s Bean Project Popcorn Kernels. That would be a great way to break it in! The cashew products seem interesting as well, the milk and cashew-gurt. I love cashews so I thought these would be a tasty dairy alternative.

Thank you for inspiring people to #trynatural!

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