Meet Genevive, Natural Lifestyle Everyday Influencer

by Social Nature Team | May 31st, 2017

In this Social Nature Everyday Influencer Spotlight, we sit down with long-time Social Nature member Genevive Clements to talk about why she’s such a strong advocate for natural products.


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“I’m a huge advocate for natural foods and products, most of my friends and family members hear me rave about new things I’ve tried and I tend to often gift organic and “good for you” products”

The best part about Social Nature? “discovering new natural products” according to Genevieve, one of our community members since the very beginning of Social Nature. A business owner in Vancouver, Genevieve loves trying new natural products with us in exchange for a review and enjoys how easy it is to be part of Social Nature.

Hi Genevieve, how does it feel to be an Everyday Influencer? 

It feels rewarding! I have a lot of experience with natural products and I have so much to bring to the table when it comes to writing an educated and thoughtful review.

So… what types of natural products are always in your cupboard?

In my kitchen cupboards, just about everything I buy is natural, organic and Non-GMO when possible. As for my bathroom cupboard, it is full of natural cleaning products, hair care products, and natural feminine hygiene products too! Biodegradable toilet paper made from bamboo is one of my newest and favorite additions!

What’s your advice to someone who wants to #trynatural in their everyday life?

Once you start switching your day-to-day products to natural, it’s inevitable that you become more and more aware of the quality of products you surround yourself with. You become conscious of how important it is to know the ingredients in the products and food you buy. Every time I go shopping, I search for one new product to try out. I can spend hours in a natural aisle reading and discovering new alternatives to my daily food, home, and self-care needs.

What was your favorite natural product you got to try with Social Nature?

I have lost track of how many products I’ve tried, probably close to a dozen though! My favorite was receiving a sample of shampoo and conditioner from Nature’s Aid. It completely changed my hair care routine and I could finally leave the house without having to do anything to my mane! I would say about 50 percent of the products I fall in love with, tell my friends about and can’t live without!

How do you know you’re inspiring other people to #trynatural? 

I’m a huge advocate for natural foods and products, most of my friends and family members hear me rave about new things I’ve tried and I tend to often gift organic and “good for you” products. I usually post my reviews on Facebook and Instagram, too. (You can find her on Instagram at @gencity!).

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What’s one thing you think people don’t know about Social Nature?

I think people might think it costs to join. I don’t think everyone understands how much of a “win-win” it is to be involved as an Influencer.

What would you tell someone who’s thinking about signing up for Social Nature?

I would ask them what’s taking them so long! I would probably also tell them about the gift basket I received to encourage them to post and share their reviews with friends online to get rewarded.

If you could wish for one natural product to try, what would it be?

I would love to try more beauty products. I’m not fully converted to natural makeup and self-care products but I would like to be. I would love to inspire models and actors to seek natural alternatives to makeup and hair care on set and at home.

Thanks, Genevive!

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