Millennial Moms – The Misunderstood Influencer

by Social Nature Team | January 31st, 2018

“… if you can discover a way to win their loyalty now and continue to engage (Millennial moms) throughout their journey as parents, then they will become your biggest brand advocates.”

– Annalea Krebs, Social Nature CEO: MediaPost, Jan. 2018

There’s a lot of uncertainty among brands about which consumer groups hold the key to influence in their digital marketing. Somewhere on the Venn diagram nestled between Millennials and Moms are the new power influencers: Millennial Moms.


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The Millennial Mom is Not Your Average Mom

Did you know that 83% of new moms are Millennials? Unfortunately, the majority of Millennial moms feel misunderstood by marketers. In a recent issue of MediaPost’s Marketing Insider, our Millennial founder and CEO, Annalea Krebs, shares insights on how brands can truly connect with — and unleash the power of — the Millennial Mom Influencer.

The Millennial mom isn’t looking for branded messages depicting perfection; she’s more interested in authentic marketing that resonates with the realities of her busy lifestyle. Imagine if instead of running picture-perfect ads featuring “Susie Homemaker”, you focused on #realtalk.

Think how much more it would resonate with Millennial moms if a shampoo company showcased a mom in a shower with #momgoals #showerdaily, as Dove did with this ad campaign showcasing real moms:

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