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De-Risk Your New Product Launches

Inform your go-to-market strategy with the right message and positioning ahead of time.

Capture the Voice of the Market

Testing your new products on Launchpad with North America’s largest community of natural shoppers can help you answer:

What is the best way to position my new product?
Are there any regional preferences for new flavors and formats?
What products should I launch in this new market?

What Customers Have to Say

Social Nature’s insights capabilities also help me quickly validate product-market fit and identify practical ways to optimize my products, drive more innovation and brand growth. I launch about 10 new products per year – with Social Nature I have a 90% success rate (compared to 70% failure rate as is common to most CPG). If you’re a high growth brand with lots of innovation decisions and new distribution ahead of you – Social Nature is who you want to partner with.”

Robert Mock
Founder and CEO, Ocean’s Halo

Innovation & Rapid Prototyping

Compare test flavours & formats and iterate from there.

Surface Top Attributes

Lead with what consumers value most across your communication channels.

Stay on Top of Consumer Trends

Identify opportunities for expansion & highlight regional trends.


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