Generate Buzz without Breaking your Budget

by Annalea Krebs | November 11th, 2016

Demos are expensive and time-consuming, shows and events can be hit and miss, and redemption rates for coupons can be frustratingly low. So how can you reach more target consumers, generate more buzz around your products, and use it to boost your sales pitch?

At Social Nature, we’re excited to share our media coverage in Food Navigator that talks about “How to generate buzz around your new product without breaking the bank.”

We’re saving brands time and money in the long run by providing them with different options for campaigns that will fit their needs and wants. This includes targeting consumers, Drive to Store campaigns, Product Direct campaigns, added coupons and even social contest options!

Brands can receive honest reviews by targeting ideal consumers and improve their advertising reach through genuine word-of-mouth buzz. Articles by advertising surveyors Nielsen, found that more and more people are looking for authentic reviews from everyday people, not paid bloggers or celebrities.

Our Everyday Influencers have an 80% engagement rate – where an Influencer tries the product, reviews it and shares it on their social media – meaning that your product is getting authentic reviews and is being seen by thousands of others across the web. And this can be done for as little as $6 per Influencer! We work with brands to create a unique campaign that will achieve the goals they set.