Digital Demos – Engaging Millennials in Your Trade Marketing

by Social Nature Team | February 16th, 2018

“… where can we start when it comes to millennial marketing? One option I’d like to introduce to you is Social Nature.” 

Ken Kwong, Western Grocer 


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Times are a-changin’! Millennials consider shopping a social activity, and social media is their primary source for shopping information. Through Social Nature’s expertise and market research, we help brands identify, filter, and narrow down to a brand’s target consumer. We then match the target profile to our database of Everyday Influencers based on their interests, lifestyle and demographic information.

Read all about Social Nature’s approach to digital demos in this two-page spread of the Jan/Feb 2018 issue of Canada’s oldest trade publication, Western Grocer!

Social Nature markets to millennials by tapping into Everyday Influencers

A must-read for any CPG brand marketer, this article will teach you new ways to reach and engage Millennials in your trade marketing.

Interested in learning more about how to connect your brand with millennial influencers? Get in touch!