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Digital Demos

Drive targeted trial at retail

Get your product in the hands of North America’s fastest growing health and wellness community.

Drive trial & awareness at your key retailers

And many more…

Take consumers through a full shopper journey

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Drive Demand

Drive demand with the Social Nature community. Members interested in your product will apply to try a free sample.

Geotargeting consumer


Qualified members who meet your targeting criteria living within 6-miles of a key retailer receive a coupon to pick up your product in-store.

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Trial & Velocity

Your product is moved off the shelf. Members get to try your product at home.

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Members who try your product fill out a post-trial survey and leave a review. Social Nature reviews can be syndicated to your website and third-party retailers.

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Email opt-ins

Members who left a review can opt-in to your brand mailing list. Our community now becomes your community!

Build a direct relationship with your target consumer through Digital Demos

Our digital demos program includes:

Virtual Booth

Tell your brand story and list as many products as you’d like to showcase; option to add videos.

Targeted Trial

We’ll drum up thousands of visitors to stop by your virtual booth; you only hand out samples to consumers that match your target criteria.

Gain Shopper Insights

Understand why consumers are interested in buying your products. Segment insights by retailer, region, demographics.

Product Reviews

Get product reviews to add to your website and syndicate them to e-commerce channels.

Email Acquisition

Grow your email list by asking everyone that samples your products to opt-in to your newsletter.

Social Buzz

Extend your reach and generate UGC by inviting people to share what they love about your product with friends on social media.

CPG brands love driving trial through Digital Demos

Your CPG peers share how they use Digital Demos to launch and expand at specific retailers, increase velocity, and achieve 90% success rate on new product launches.

“I just wanted to double down on this review to say we get a lot of solicitations for places to spend our marketing dollars. We are careful about the places where we spend that precious cash and more often than I enjoy admitting, we regret the decision. Without a doubt, the best money we have spent on marketing to date has been with Social Nature. Thank you for giving us a real means by which to reach customers, learn about them, and satisfy our retailer partners. We look forward to partnering with you in the future.”

Sophia Maroon
Founder and CEO of Dress It Up Dressings

“Partnering with Social Nature has helped us to increase our brand awareness in Canada. The best thing about Social Nature is that we have been able to get our products into thousands of our target consumers’ hands for the first time. We are consistently impressed with the quality of reviews, insights, and product feedback that the community shares.

Melinda Salvoza

Director, New Product Development & Product Marketing, DERMA E

“Even if physical demos are available, the level of sophistication that Social Nature provides in terms of targeting and communication with customers is virtually impossible for a small brand like ours outside this platform.

Some of our best endorsements on our website are from the Social Nature product reviews, which has been extremely helpful in giving new customers a picture of what the product tastes like and how it could fit into their everyday life.

We have not found a program with a better ROI for learning directly from our customers. We have gained a much deeper understanding of who our customer is, what they care about, and how to best communicate our value proposition.”

Jake Kneller

Co-Founder, Sweet Nothings

Social Nature is the best investment our business has ever made, period. The data and customer service we’ve received throughout the process is absolutely priceless and cannot be obtained anywhere else. We look forward to working with Social Nature for years to come.

Tate Glasgow

VP of Marketing, Killer Creamery

Directly due to the reviews we’ve received from the Social Nature campaigns, many of our products now have the most reviews in their categories – beating out our competitors at major retailers like Target.

We’ve been able to use this data in key meetings to show how we know our products will be successful, both in-store and online.

What I appreciate about Social Nature’s over 70% response rate is that we’re getting a better sense of honest feedback from the larger set of in-between consumers who don’t normally leave reviews elsewhere.”

Emily Hazlett

Director of Brand Marketing, Genexa

“Our goal in working with Social Nature was to execute a targeted sampling program while increasing velocity at one of our largest retailers — and they absolutely delivered. Not only were we able to find and target our ideal consumers, but we were also able to glean some incredible insights into their shopping behaviour and how Viveau fit into their shopping basket. On top of that, the final report provided our sales team with key metrics to take back to our retail partner. Social Nature really acted as an extension of our team and we can’t wait to work with them again in the future.

Taylor Stokal

Senior Manager, Digital and Growth Marketing, Viveau

Social Nature is a win-win-win — a win for brands, a win for consumers, and a win for retailers. If you’re a high-growth brand focused on growing your velocity and sell-thru at retailers you need Social Nature. I’ve stopped doing traditional demos and am shifting my budget to Social Nature’s Digital Demos for better targeting and results.

Alison Cayne

Founder of Haven's Kitchen

“Product demos have been a pain point for emerging brands for a long time. They are a necessary evil that is expensive, inefficient and unmeasurable. Social Nature solves many of these pain points by creating a demoing process that is much more targeted to potentially super loyal consumers of your brand. You also gain valuable insights from surveys and reviews. The old playbook was having people demo in-store. The new playbook is Digital Demos.

Tyler Mayoras

Co-Founder & CEO, Cool Beans

“Social Nature is an efficient, well-run product sampling and consumer insights program for our CPG clients. Our client has reported an astounding 80% redemption rate on the free trial coupons that Social Nature distributed to their members – this demonstrates that Social Nature has the right consumer for our brands. We will absolutely be recommending our client renew their annual subscription, as a best in class sampling program for impact at retail.”

“The consumer insights we’ve gained through Social Nature’s product sampling programs have helped us in 3 key ways: 1) we’ve adjusted our digital ad targeting and creative based on who expressed interest in our products and why they wanted to try them, 2) we updated the design of our product packaging to highlight top ranked product attributes, 3) it helped us understand more about the profile of each our shoppers at each of our key retailers. With such a huge quantity of members across our focus retailers and markets, we couldn’t pay for better research anywhere else.”


Catherine Porter
Chief Marketing Officer, Elohi Strategic Advisors

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