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Drive targeted trial at retail

Get your product in the hands of North America’s fastest growing health and wellness community.

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Build a direct relationship with your target consumer through Digital Demos

Our digital demos program includes:

Virtual Booth

Tell your brand story and list as many products as you’d like to showcase; option to add videos.

Targeted Trial

We’ll drum up thousands of visitors to stop by your virtual booth; you only hand out samples to consumers that match your target criteria.

Gain Shopper Insights

Understand why consumers are interested in buying your products. Segment insights by retailer, region, demographics.

Product Reviews

Get product reviews to add to your website and syndicate them to e-commerce channels.

Email Acquisition

Grow your email list by asking everyone that samples your products to opt-in to your newsletter.

Social Buzz

Extend your reach and generate UGC by inviting people to share what they love about your product with friends on social media.

Brands love sampling through Digital Demos

Your CPG peers share how they use Digital Demos to launch and expand at specific retailers, increase velocity, and achieve 90% success rate on new product launches.

“Social Nature was a great way for us to get insights about an innovative new product we recently launched. It helped us understand the usage occasions and was a way to get direct feedback on the taste, texture and experience of the product. 
Having access to a large community of like-minded consumers meant we could test and learn what they valued most about our product offerings. We can now take this knowledge to improve our marketing and inform future product innovation.

Eve Beamish

Innovation & NPD Manager, Manukora

“Social Nature has found a way to launch demos and tastings into the future! Not only were we able to laser in on our target consumer at a specific retailer, but we were able to get real actionable data from these consumers, before and after they tried our product. We were extremely happy with the data and key learnings from the campaign. The Social Nature team was a pleasure to work with and did a great job keeping us updated throughout the whole process.

Aaron Krebs

Director of Marketing, Blake's Seed Based

“Social Nature is an efficient, well-run product sampling and consumer insights program for our CPG clients. Our client has reported an astounding 80% redemption rate on the free trial coupons that Social Nature distributed to their members – this demonstrates that Social Nature has the right consumer for our brands. We will absolutely be recommending our client renew their annual subscription, as a best in class sampling program for impact at retail.

The consumer insights we’ve gained through Social Nature’s product sampling programs have helped us in 3 key ways: 1) we’ve adjusted our digital ad targeting and creative based on who expressed interest in our products and why they wanted to try them, 2) we updated the design of our product packaging to highlight top ranked product attributes, 3) it helped us understand more about the profile of each our shoppers at each of our key retailers. With such a huge quantity of members across our focus retailers and markets, we couldn’t pay for better research anywhere else.”

Catherine Porter

Chief Marketing Officer, Elohi Strategic Advisors

“We can talk to retailers all day about what the ‘natural’ consumers tell us about our products, but Social Nature gives us that proof and validation, with visualized data to back it up. The proactive pre-trial data and reactive post-trial data social nature provides gives crucial insight into a consumer’s journey with the EarthKind brand during this process. This is what our buyers want to see to make their category decision. We also love the consistent stream of new reviews from engaged shoppers available at our fingertips.”

Kari Warberg Block

CEO, EarthKind

Social Nature has been a really valuable tool for Natural Calm to get new people trying our products and turn them into customers. We know that for our products, trial is so important because consumers need to feel the benefits in order to believe it. In our last campaign, we loved seeing that 83% of people who tried our product were interested in buying it, and 81% felt calmer afterwards. We plan to continue working with Social Nature to support the launches of our new products in 2022.”

Chad Shears

Marketing Director, Natural Calm

“The unique value of Social Nature is how it crosses marketing boundaries. Aside from helping us support our key retailers, the cross-platform deliverables also provided us market research, product reviews, and social content. It’s not easy to collect this type of rich, retail-specific consumer feedback when a product is bought off a store shelf. Social Nature’s customer success team has been amazing at helping us build and optimize the program and are super-responsive throughout the process.”

Francine Sternthal

Vice President, Marketing, Fody Foods

“I had a fantastic experience working with Social Nature on our Astroglide sampling campaign. I loved the ease of execution in getting the samples into the hands of new consumers, and seeing all of the awesome results and insights come from the reviews.

Maribel Hernandez

Associate Marketing Manager, BioFilm Inc. (Astroglide)

We found the insights from Social Nature’s drive-to-store campaigns to be insightful and provocative. The data deepens our knowledge concerning our ideal consumers, and validates the importance and commitment to quality behind the Comvita brand. On the retail side, we now have rich data for our buyer meetings – brand awareness, future purchase intent, and the stores where their consumers shop.

Erin Kelley

Director of Product, Comvita USA

“Product demos have been a pain point for emerging brands for a long time. They are a necessary evil that is expensive, inefficient and unmeasurable. Social Nature solves many of these pain points by creating a demoing process that is much more targeted to potentially super loyal consumers of your brand. You also gain valuable insights from surveys and reviews. The old playbook was having people demo in-store. The new playbook is Digital Demos.

Tyle Mayoras

Co-Founder & CEO, Cool Beans

“We’ve had a great experience with Social Nature supporting our new product launch at Whole Foods Market. This is real data that we can take back to our team to continue to improve on Neuro’s products. I’m very happy with the results and insights – the follow through and experience has been valuable for an emerging brand and new functional category like our mints.

Ryan Chen

Co-Founder, Neuro

Social Nature is a win-win-win — a win for brands, a win for consumers, and a win for retailers. If you’re a high-growth brand focused on growing your velocity and sell-thru at retailers you need Social Nature. I’ve stopped doing traditional demos and am shifting my budget to Social Nature’s Digital Demos for better targeting and results.

Alison Cayne

Founder of Haven's Kitchen

“Partnering with Social Nature has helped us to increase our brand awareness in Canada. The best thing about Social Nature is that we have been able to get our products into thousands of our target consumers’ hands for the first time. We are consistently impressed with the quality of reviews, insights, and product feedback that the community shares.

Melinda Salvoza

Director, New Product Development & Product Marketing, DERMA E

“Social Nature has helped Alpha Foods increase unit velocity by 20% post campaign by driving trial with consumers new to the brand. What we value most about our relationship with Social Nature, in addition to the results we’ve generated, is the invaluable joint-business planning and strategic partnership we have with their team.”

Arinn Ryan

Director of Marketing, Alpha Foods

We had a wonderful experience working with Social Nature to help launch a new supplement product, leveraging their unique programs to assist with initial product design as well as drive a successful launch in market. We tested product benefits with their audience upfront to understand preferences and optimal product features, and then used their sampling program at launch to get feedback and product reviews on the final product, while spreading awareness among a passionate group of consumers. The combination of these activities allowed us to develop and launch a successful product! Social Nature’s consumer base is a great fit for our plant-based brand – we loved the added benefit of their shared social posts and warm recommendations.

Farrell Rodd

Brand Manager, CocoaVia

“Reviews, to me, are the new currency. I have been thrilled with the measured new customer acquisition, where consumers raise their hand, show interest, and ultimately come back to Social Nature to write their review. When it comes to marketing solutions, it requires ingenuity, if it is already being done, you are too late! Social Nature’s community aligns so well with our target audience allowing us to provide brand education and trial which are critical to illustrating our products’ unique differentiators in the vitamin space.

Tonya Skurzynski

Chief Revenue Officer, Frunutta

“It’s always been a pleasure working with the Social Nature team over the last three years. We love that true and complete shopper journeys are created with our campaigns, from finding the product in store, moving it off shelf, trial, and reviewing. The insights we receive are so valuable to sales, marketing, and innovation. The Social Nature team is client-centered and flexible, a true joy to work with.

Lindsey Duncan

Consumer Marketing Manager, Bob's Red Mill

“Social Nature is a true business partner. They cared about our customers and our campaign as if it was their own and really went the extra mile to help ensure its success. From account management to customer service we felt supported the entire time. As a first time brand partnering with Social Nature we have seen a full recovery of the cost of our investment, received over 150 customer reviews of our new product, and as a subscription business, over 25% of customers purchased at least a second time. We are quite please with these results and highly recommend Social Nature as a potential trial partner.

Phil Desrochers

Co-Founder, SHINE Health

“We were so impressed with the results from our first campaign with Social Nature. After recently launching in Sprouts Farmers Market, we experienced a noticeable sales lift across the entire Fix & Fogg range. We will definitely be using Social Nature again in our expansion into other supermarkets across the USA. The supermarket-specific insights and consumer feedback have helped us gain better insights into who our ideal shopper is.

Sarah Sherriff

Head of Export, Fix & Fogg

For an emerging brand, I found the consumer insights and reviews to be valuable in providing data to back up our marketing decisions. Hearing direct feedback from our ideal audience will help pH Balance Skincare move consumers from conventional brands to better-for-you brands like ours, which focus on natural ingredients and truly ph balanced skincare.

Aniko Peterson

Managing Member, pH Balance

Directly due to the reviews we’ve received from the Social Nature campaigns, many of our products now have the most reviews in their categories – beating out our competitors at major retailers like Target.

We’ve been able to use this data in key meetings to show how we know our products will be successful, both in-store and online.

What I appreciate about Social Nature’s over 70% response rate is that we’re getting a better sense of honest feedback from the larger set of in-between consumers who don’t normally leave reviews elsewhere.”

Emily Hazlett

Director of Brand Marketing, Genexa

“Even if physical demos are available, the level of sophistication that Social Nature provides in terms of targeting and communication with customers is virtually impossible for a small brand like ours outside this platform.

Some of our best endorsements on our website are from the Social Nature product reviews, which has been extremely helpful in giving new customers a picture of what the product tastes like and how it could fit into their everyday life.

We have not found a program with a better ROI for learning directly from our customers. We have gained a much deeper understanding of who our customer is, what they care about, and how to best communicate our value proposition.”

Jake Kneller

Co-Founder, Sweet Nothings

Our Social Nature campaign gave us insights into what the consumer actually thinks of our product and which attributes matter the most. The product ratings were the highest we’ve ever seen and this reinforced that targeting the right consumer with the right messaging creates high purchase intent.

Christina Appleton

Marketing & E-Commerce, Karma Nuts

“I manage OLIPOP’s Trade Marketing initiatives and am always looking to build and engage with creative initiatives. I appreciate the layers of value built into Social Nature: driving trial in stores, producing retailer-specific consumer insights data, supporting brand awareness, and generating authentic product reviews to syndicate to e-commerce channels. Plus the Social Nature team is great to work with!

Leah Dockstader

Trade Marketing, OLIPOP

The Social Nature team is a delight to work with. One of the few companies we’ve worked with that actually follows through on executional promises and lives up to the hype! We ended up obtaining 2,500 new product reviews from this partnership which was a major added bonus.

Steven Vigilante

Growth Marketing, OLIPOP

We think Social Nature has done an amazing job of helping us reach new consumers and get them to try Tiesta Tea. We are seeing a lot of value for our brand and we want to continue working together because the Social Nature community fits our community.

Alex Sosnov

COO, Tiesta Tea

Social Nature is the best investment our business has ever made, period. The data and customer service we’ve received throughout the process is absolutely priceless and cannot be obtained anywhere else. We look forward to working with Social Nature for years to come.

Tate Glasgow

VP of Marketing, Killer Creamery

Social Nature has been a very pleasant and insightful group to work with.  The ability to connect with qualified leads and get honest and supportive feedback has been quite useful for our meetings with investors and retailers.” 

David Sheu

Co-Founder and CEO, Bears Nutrition

Social Nature has become a really important platform in the natural products world helping many brands launch & scale.

I love the combination of in-store trial and online reviews. The in-store trial helps me support my retailers, increases awareness for new products, and supports repeat purchases.

Social Nature’s insights capabilities also help me quickly validate product-market fit and identify practical ways to optimize my products, drive more innovation and brand growth. I launch about 10 new products per year – with Social Nature I have a 90% success rate (compared to 70% failure rate as is common to most CPG). If you’re a high growth brand with lots of innovation decisions and new distribution ahead of you – Social Nature is who you want to partner with.”

Robert Mock

Founder and CEO, Ocean’s Halo

“Social Nature has built a digital-first platform, backed by some amazing CPG investors, that helps brands drive very targeted user acquisition/trial, generate online reviews, and seed tons of social engagement.

In many ways it’s a more cost-effective & retail-first version of what Amazon does with their Vine program to build a groundswell of traction to help launch products.

Annalea & Social Nature have become a really important platform in the natural products world helping many brands launch & scale. We’ve been impressed by how engaged their community is, their level of service, and the quick results they drive for growing brands like ours.

Nikhil Arora & Alejandro Velez

Co-Founders of Back to the Roots

I appreciate how you turn free sampling into a data collection opportunity. I will be presenting these product insights to my R&D team, marketing team for positioning, and sales team for buyer conversations. We look forward to featuring different products every month to sample to our ideal target consumer and get more data. 

Austin Allan

Senior Brand Manager, Dr. Praeger's

We love that we can geo-target consumers and drive them into our key accounts like Whole Foods and Sprouts to try our new products. We also love seeing the real time feedback about our products online. Social Nature is an amazing integrated marketing solution.”

Martin Floreani

CEO, MyChelle Dermaceuticals

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