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Social Nature markets to millennials by tapping into Micro-Influencers

Digital Demos – Engaging Millennials in Your Trade Marketing

“… where can we start when it comes to millennial marketing? One option I’d like to introduce to you is Social Nature.” 

5 Reasons Why Behavioral Targeting is IN for 2018

“It’s time for us marketers to stop limiting our approach to demographics and instead align our marketing strategies with behavioral patterns.”
Millennial Moms as Power Influencers - Social Nature

Millennial Moms – The Misunderstood Influencer

“… if you can discover a way to win their loyalty now and continue to engage (Millennial moms) throughout their journey as parents, then they will become your biggest brand advocates.”
The Power of Micro-Influencer Marketing - Social Nature

The Power of Micro-Influencers

“Reach and impressions are nothing if people aren’t listening, and marketers are realizing that people are more influenced by trust than by popularity. Ask yourself who would you trust more, a popular blogger or a friend?”
Social Nature takes Green Mainstream

Green Influence: On a Mission to Make Natural Mainstream

Social entrepreneurship magazine, See Change, sat down with our founder and CEO, Annalea Krebs, to discuss Social Nature’s mission to bring natural products to the masses.
Profit with Purpose - Social Nature

Putting Mission Before Money

Social Nature founder and CEO, Annalea Krebs, talk to Business in Vancouver, about how her mantra, profit with purpose, has driven her career.
Social Nature - Women in Business

Women in Business Q&A: Annalea Krebs, CEO, Social Nature

Known as the Queen of Green, Annalea Krebs is an entrepreneur on a mission to bring natural products to the masses. In other words she believes in promoting good stuff not junk!
green queen

Canada’s Likeliest Future Entrepreneur Queen

We’re excited to share that our founder and CEO, Annalea Krebs was deemed Canada’s Likeliest Future Entrepreneur Queen by Notable Life!  

How to Have a Successful Canadian Product Launch

Social Nature was recently featured in the Spring issue of Grocery Business Magazine, highlighting how we’re helping U.S. brands launch their natural products into the Canadian market.

Nourishing our Tribe: Women in Naturals

With one of the largest natural product trade shows in Canada, CHFA, taking place in Vancouver, we took the opportunity to host our third Canadian Women in Naturals event.

Social Nature Appoints New VP of Sales

We’re very excited to welcome Felicia Bochicchio to our growing team! Felicia has more than 20 years of sales and customer engagement expertise, specializing in developing small businesses into high-growth companies.
19 Social Entrepreneurs to Watch

Social Nature CEO Voted Social Entrepreneur to Watch

After polling investors, incubators, accelerators, and industry groups, Conscious Company Magazine has named Social Nature founder and CEO, Annalea Krebs, to be one of the 19 Social Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2017.

What Big Brands Can Learn From Smaller Marketers

Are you feeling envious of smaller brands who are winning the attention of Millennials with their authentic and engaging digital marketing campaigns?

Updated Twist on In-Store Demos

Social Nature is taking in-store demos to the digital age!

Natural Food Product Trends for 2017

Annalea Krebs, founder and CEO of Social Nature, shares some of the top natural food product trends for 2017 on Global TV.

Generate Buzz without Breaking your Budget

Demos are expensive and time-consuming, shows and events can be hit and miss, and redemption rates for coupons can be frustratingly low. So how can you reach more target consumers, generate more buzz around your products, and use it to boost your sales pitch?

Celebrating Lessons and Learnings: Women in Naturals

Social Nature, along with Multibird Branding and Vista Magazine, hosted the second Women in Naturals breakfast. This time we gathered in Toronto, in conjunction with CHFA East, the largest natural product show in Canada.
Social Nature Targets Millennial Moms

Building Authentic Buzz with Millennial Moms

“Building Natural Buzz with Moms: Social Nature taps the power of online reviews from friends.”  
Social Nature connects marketers with influencers to beat Facebook's algorithm

Facebook News and What it Means for Brands

Facebook has recently changed its algorithm making it much harder for brands to get their products in front of potential customers. We now see more of what our friends are posting, and less from publishers and news sites… Although this seems like a bad deal for brands, it gives marketers a great opportunity to use their influencer networks. –ZDNet: Social Nature Connects Marketers with Influencers to Beat Facebook’s Algorithm
Social Nature Raises $1M

Special Update: We Raised $1M to #trynatural

We write about a lot of influencer marketing companies at TechCrunch, but Social Nature has a unique focus — natural products. The company is announcing it has raised $1 million in seed funding from investors, including Shopify co-founder Scott Lake, the Pereira/Wharton family, the founders of Pomme Natural Markets and Simon Whitfield (the Olympic triathlete) and Brenda Irwin of Relentless Pursuit Partners. –TechCrunch
Women in Naturals Industry - Social Nature

Leadership in the Naturals Industry: Women in Naturals

What do 20 high-profile women talk about when they get together in a room? In conjunction with the kick-off of the 50th annual Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) West trade show, Social Nature, Multibird Branding, and Vista Magazine proudly co-hosted an inaugural gathering for Canadian women leaders in the natural products industry. The group of women shared tips, tricks, and tools they’ve picked up along their journey in naturals.  

Building the Good Food Movement

At Social Nature, we try to make it a little easier for people to make better choices when it comes to the products we use every day. In this post, Social Nature Account Director Alice Park explores what it means to build the good food movement at the Esca Bono conference.