Case Study: Happy Water

Social Nature used the power of word-of-mouth marketing to help Happy Water generate over 8 million word-of-mouth brand impressions, earning ‘Lithia Water’ a top Google rating.

How? Read on…

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In a sea of water brands, one would assume we’ve seen it all. Enter Happy Water and their new 5L box of naturally alkaline Lithia water. A boxed water in an environmentally friendly bulk format? Talk about asking consumers to take a thirsty leap. For this launch to be successful, not only did they need to get the word out about Happy Water they needed to educate consumers of the value of boxed water. Hoping to tap into word-of-mouth marketing, they came to Social Nature for help.


After careful consideration of the products multiple uses, we identified our Millennial Moms as our target group. From soccer games to camping trips they could benefit most from the boxes many uses – not to mention we know they’re our most socially engaged members.


Along with thousands of very detailed reviews singing the boxed waters’ praises, these 4,000 new Happy Water fans shared their stories on social media with 2.4 million friends/family, generating over 8 million word-of-mouth brand impressions. The cherry on top? Their keywords ‘Lithia water’ earned a top Google rating.

Talk about a good water cooler story.

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