How Sweet Nothings doubled their business at Kroger
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Sweet Nothings doubles distribution at Krogers with Digital Demos


About Sweet Nothings

As a busy entrepreneur and parent, Beth was always looking for convenient snacks that were healthy, yet still delicious. Her family loved smoothies, but not the cleanup.

She created Sweet Nothings from her home kitchen where she began experimenting with fruits, nuts, and seeds to create a portable smoothie-like blend with the indulgent texture of ice cream. Beth shared her spoonable smoothies with her community and it was an instant hit!

Each delicious cup of Sweet Nothings is made with simple whole ingredients, ready for grab-and-go, anywhere, anytime.

Two friends enjoying Sweet Nothings

Impact at a glance

31,455 consumers applied to try Sweet Nothings.

98% of consumers had never tried the brand: this presented a new customer acquisition opportunity.

93% of consumers who tried the product left a review.

The Challenge

Sweet Nothings launched with a focus on foodservice channels (corporate, university, and healthcare cafeterias) in late 2019. Due to COVID-19 shutting down most of their business, they had to pivot to retail unexpectedly. With the majority of traditional shopper marketing and in-store demos shut down, Sweet Nothings had limited access to driving trial and hearing valuable consumer feedback to help scale the brand. It was a challenging time to launch a brand in brick-and-mortar.

Sweet Nothings all product lineup

The Solution

Through Social Nature’s Digital Demos program, Sweet Nothings received a direct line to drive targeted trial at retail with consumers who provided feedback on the product experience, brand positioning, shelf presence, pricing, and more.

“Even if physical demos are available, the level of sophistication that Social Nature provides in terms of targeting and communication with customers is virtually impossible for a small brand like ours to replicate outside this platform.”

– Jake Kneller, CEO & Co-Founder, Sweet Nothings

Hyper-targeting the right consumers

The Social Nature community is the fastest-growing better-for-you shopping community in North America.

To help Sweet Nothings hyper-target the right consumers and support their retail launch, pre-trial survey questions were carefully designed with the help of the Customer Success team. These survey questions pre-qualify and determine which of Sweet Nothings’ product attributes were most compelling in converting new consumers to try their products. 

This data can be applied to support new consumer acquisition and product positioning by aligning the most compelling attributes across key communication channels. 

Mom feeding child Sweet Nothings

Geo-targeting was also critical to ensure the right audience was sent to the right stores where Sweet Nothings products were distributed. In this way, the propensity to drive repeat purchases would be highest. To qualify for an invitation to pick up a free product to try, consumers must match all three points:

Targeting criteria determined by Sweet Nothings

A current shopper at that specific retailer banner

Live within six miles of the target store list

Leveraging feedback and reviews

Reviews offer social proof to influence purchases for new and existing customers.   

“Some of our best endorsements on our website are from the Social Nature product reviews, which has been extremely helpful in giving new customers a picture of what the product tastes like and how it could fit into their everyday life.”

– Jake Kneller, CEO & Co-Founder, Sweet Nothings

Positive impact at retail

As a young brand, growing in retail is a constant endeavor. Sweet Nothings used Social Nature’s consumer insights and product reviews to validate how the product’s innovative format and positioning could help drive incremental dollars to support new retail listings.

Kroger is now doubling Sweet Nothings business to from a 7-division pilot to a 15 division roll-out, many in new geographies. Being able to use the Social Nature platform to give core customer targets a free sample as their introduction to the brand is a crucial mechanism to build brand awareness, drive trial, and encourage loyalty.  

From project to partnership

Sweet Nothings signed on with Social Nature for a one-time project. As their campaign rolled out, the impact could not be ignored. Sweet Nothings will continue to work with Social Nature as their digital-first retail marketing partner for retail support, insights generation, and more. We’re grateful to support Sweet Nothings on their journey to make healthy, on-the-go snacks accessible to all.

“We have not found a program with a better ROI for learning directly from our customers. We have gained a much deeper understanding of who our customer is, what they care about, and how to best communicate our value proposition.”

Jake Kneller

CEO & Co-Founder, Sweet Nothings

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