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How AOR acquired new customers in the supplements space


About AOR

AOR are change-makers in the supplement space. Since 1991, their mission is to empower people to live their best lives through evidence-based, natural health products. 

It started with Dr. Traj Nibber’s empathic frustration with the supplement industry. He was contacted by People with AIDS (PWA) advocacy groups who needed help sourcing formulations.

As he began his search, he realized that the industry was failing to evaluate new evidence that would make supplements more bioavailable to people. He took it upon himself to source and compound the formulations required by PWA. Others heard of his helpfulness, and this led him to expand his services and create AOR.

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Impact at a glance

63,000 total consumers engaged in all AOR campaigns

88% average purchase intent

82% average review response rate


The supplement space is increasingly competitive. For premium-priced products like AOR, it can be a challenge for retailers to choose their innovations over cheaper competitors.

AOR needed to tap into an audience of their ideal consumers to gather insights to validate their product offerings with retailers.

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Through Social Nature’s direct sampling program, AOR was able to tap into a community of 600,000+ wellness shoppers.

“The ability to intimately connect to a hyper-targeted audience was quite simply, a no-brainer. The fact that Social Nature has an established and engaged repository of millennials, which represent a highly lucrative portion of the market. Any marketer knows understanding what drives millennials is crucial to success in today’s economic climate.”


AOR sampled two products to over 7000 opt-in consumers:

    • Breath Biotics, a probiotic breath mint that helps improve oral health, and
    • Cogni Omega 3, a vegan and carrageenan free soft gel, the worlds’ first technology


Over 11,000 new consumers heard of Breath Biotics through word of mouth. This helped Breath Biotics to move out of a slow moving category to selling three times as much post-campaign.

For Cogni Omega 3, AOR learned what values consumers cared about most. They changed the order of their product attributes to improve customer value.

AOR took these valuable insights to retailers to inform them of this new customer acquisition opportunity with 88% purchase intent.

“We’re a premium-priced product and a lot of retailers want to pick up some competitors because they’re cheaper and their products are easier to sell, but I now have these intimate insights to tell our retailers that 18,000 members of the target market wanted to try our product with positive intent to purchase, and a total of over two million brand views.”


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