Fresh Ideas

Meet a Micro-Influencer: Genevieve Clements

The best part about Social Nature? “discovering new natural products” according to Genevieve, one of our community members since the very beginning of Social Nature. A business owner in Vancouver with a passion for modeling and acting, Genevieve loves trying new natural products with us in exchange for a review – and enjoys how easy it is to be part of Social Nature.

Meet a Micro-Influencer: Vivian Tsang

The Health & Fitness industry is a small world in Vancouver, BC – so it wasn’t a surprise to run into Vivian at one of the recent events! As one of our Micro-Influencers of over 2 years, she’s built a following of over 5,000 product enthusiasts on her Instagram – and is an advocate for more natural beauty products!

Handy Marketing Campaign Planner

In the marketing industry, we’re used to planning holiday campaigns during the different seasons, but not everybody is accustomed to thinking that far ahead!

ROI of Digital Sampling

Sampling is going digital as marketers look to track results, get online reviews, and engage more consumers. In this client spotlight, we interview the Founder of EarthKind, a natural pest repellent line, and our most buzzed about campaign of 2016!

Meet a Micro-Influencer: Courtney Garza

At Social Nature, we believe that you don’t have to be Kim Kardashian to be influential.

Social Nature Appoints New VP of Sales

Social Nature is very excited to welcome Felicia Bochicchio to our growing team! Felicia has more than 20 years of sales and customer engagement expertise, specializing in developing small businesses into high-growth companies. We wanted to take an opportunity to introduce Felicia to our community and give folks an inside look at who this sales vet is and what makes her tick.

What Big Brands Can Learn From Smaller Marketers

Are you feeling envious of smaller brands who are winning the attention of Millennials with their authentic and engaging digital marketing campaigns?

Top 7 Marketing Trends for 2017

We’ve rounded-up the Top 7 Marketing Trends for 2017 that you should be paying attention to.

Special Update: We Raised $1M to #trynatural

At Social Nature, we are dedicated to spreading the word to #trynatural. And thanks to our investors and those who believe in our people-powered marketing idea, we’re excited to announce $1M in funding to push our mission forward!