What Big Brands Can Learn From Smaller Marketers

by Annalea Krebs | February 16th, 2017

Are you feeling envious of smaller brands who are winning the attention of Millennials with their authentic and engaging digital marketing campaigns?

Then you’ll want to read this article from Marketing Dive, where founder and CEO of Social Nature, Annalea Krebs, is quoted along with other digital marketing experts about what big brands can learn from smaller marketers.

“Not only is digital a different medium, it’s a different audience that has new expectations when it comes to advertising. Now’s the time to note the difference, the shift in power, and design your ad strategy to be relevant to today’s consumer.”

Smaller brands have begun focusing more on engaging content with their consumers. They’re accomplishing this through authentic reviews and interactions online. Large brands should try getting their consumers interacting authentically instead of how many clicks they can get on an ad, they may see a large change within their brand and purchasing!

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