Actionable INSIGHTS

Get the validation & confidence you need to succeed in the market

Actionable INSIGHTS

Get the validation & confidence you need to succeed in the market

Concept Testing

Develop products consumers want

Co-create winning products with your target consumer. Test your concept through our community of natural product shoppers and get actionable feedback in less than 3 weeks.

Category Landscape

Get the scoop on your category

Understand top purchase drivers and how your target market compares you to the competition.

Product Testing

Set your products up for success

Get authentic feedback from your target consumer and learn ways to optimize purchase intent. Ideal for new products as well as declining shelf potatoes.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

New Product Launches

Is your new product a hit or does it need some more work? Find out what your target market wants & co-create winning products. 

New Consumer Segments

 Where should you launch next? Get in the right markets & support new retailers using feedback directly from your target consumer. 

Brand Health Checks

Is your brand relating to your target consumer the way you intend? Find out if your brand is aligned with consumers’ needs. 

Brands Love Using Our Insights Progams

"The in-market test results affirmed I had the correct positioning for my new product launch. It gave me the green light to proceed as planned, and the confidence to apply significant investment and resources to support the new product launch."
Randall Heilik, Product Manager @ AOR
"We recently worked with Social Nature to better understand elements of price, value, and packaging formats. I was impressed with the turnaround time from briefing to the final report. We are now using the Social Nature research findings to have better fact-based discussions with our retail customers."

Dave Pullar, CEO @ Spokes Snacks


What Do You Want to Test & Validate?